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Amazing Tutors Inc.

As Seen in Surrey

       The distinction of Amazing Tutors' service is substantiated by the three A's:  accessibility, affordability and academically-  proven results.

       Providing private tutoring services across Surrey and a company-operated client transport service, Amazing Tutors is completely accessible for working parents across the Lower Mainland, regardless of their work schedules or transportation circumstances.

       Additionally, Amazing Tutors was founded on a policy that no student would be turned away for financial reasons.  We remain one of the most affordable tutoring services in the Lower Mainland due to this policy.  Through our non-profit society, The Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation, we assist parents and children with overcoming financial barriers to tutoring services by making monthly fees negotiable based on family income.

       Finally, Amazing Tutors' ability to support academic success is regularly validated by its gifted students.  One Sixth Grader who benefited from our services received the Gold Medal Distinction in the 2007 Western Canadian Division's Great Pythagorean Mathematics contest; one of our Seventh-Grade students then finished second in the same competition for 2008; yet another of our students recently received a medal for achieving 100% on her Grade 10 Mathematics Provincial Exam.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             



News: Company News

Our Amazing Math Student wins 
a Medal and a Scholarship to UBC

S. Bath, from Tamanawis Secondary, 
received 100% on her Mathematics 
Provincial 10 exam!      

Simmrin Dhaliwal wins a scholarship and becomes a Canadian national soccer player.

 Read more on Soccer News.

Gold Medalist in the Western Canadian Division

       "Back when I joined in Grade 5, I believed that Amazing Tutors would be just another place I would attend without actually improving as a student.  I was proven wrong, absolutely. I quickly developed and practiced academic skills beyond my grade level.  Even now, as I enter my last year of Secondary School, they still support me in my studies. I have never regretted enrolling with Amazing Tutors; it was the best choice I could have made, in terms of enhancing my educational results. Believe the name; they really are amazing!"


-S. Rehman, an Amazing Student and Gold Medalist in the 2007 Great Pythagrorean Mathematics contest, in the Western Canadian Division.    

Our Amazing Math Student Excels in his 2016 Math Class

K. Randhawa, from Panorama Ridge Secondary, 
received 99% on his Foundations of Mathematics 
and Pre-calculus Course!  


Our Amazing Student wins a District Authority Scholarship in 2017

S. Toor is the recipient of the District/Authority Scholarship.  This scholarship is distributed across school districts and independent school authorities that recognize graduating B.C. students for excellence in their chosen area of interest or strength such as indigenous languages and culture, fine arts,applied design, skills, and technologies, physical activity, international languages, community service (volunteer activity) or technical and trades training.  Winners receive an one thousand scholarship voucher to use towards their post-secondary tuition.


Our Amazing Tutor wins the 2016 Emily M. Auld Memorial Prize in English

A. Hudon is the recipient of the 2016 Emily M. Auld Memorial Prize in English.  This scholarship is awarded annually to a junior majoring in English who has achieved a high level of performance and demonstrates great promise for the future.  Established by Frank L. Auld '35 in memory of his wife, Emily, a former senior English teacher a Trinity High School.

Our Amazing Tutor Monica T. develops into a B.C. Certified Teacher

        "Thank you for the opportunity of allowing me to be a tutor with your company for more than three years.  I gained a significant amount of experience with students that helped prepare me for the professional development program at Simon Fraser University.  I became a member of the Amazing Tutors' Team because I always knew I wanted to become a teacher.  As I completed my course work at SFU, I wanted to gain experience working with students as a tutor.  Over the years, I experienced working with diverse students ranging from kindergarten to grade twelve.  I appreciate the experience I have gained at Amazing Tutors because I was able to work alongside struggling students, and watch these students progress and develop a greater understanding of concepts.  My experience at Amazing Tutors has been very rewarding because their education consultants and B.C. certified teachers are available to support tutors' professional development. I was able to develop professional relationships with students, and watch some students achieve their educational goals."                                                                                                                                 -Monica T., an Amazing Tutor and a B.C. Certified Teacher with the Surrey School District                                                                                                                    

Our Amazing Tutor Alannah S. develops into a B.C. Certified Teacher

          "I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work as a tutor at Amazing Tutors for the past year.  I have enjoyed my time with the company and I am sad to be saying good bye to this job as I loved working with the children and seeing them grow and begin to improve in their studies.  Amazing Tutors does a wonderful job of providing students with quality tutoring services at an affordable cost, you truly make tutoring something everyone can afford and have access to. In addition, your team of B.C. certified teachers have done a great job of creating resources and workbooks for students at every grade level in order to meet each students' needs."   

 -Alannah S., an Amazing Tutor and a B.C. Certified Teacher with the Surrey School District

Our Amazing Tutor Shana Rai develops into a Doctor

             "While working towards my Bachelors Degree in Science, I was honored to work for Amazing Tutors for over four years and provide support for the needs of their students. Their teaching methods allowed students to comprehend concepts with greater ease, in turn allowing me to develop better ways of understanding my own studies. Students were able to expand their knowledge and improve their grades with the unique teaching methods of Amazing Tutors.  As a Science Major, it is important to understand how the world works, why the world works the way it does, and how we can make the world a better place; studying science is the best format to learn that.  Students of this generation need more exposure to science so that they can develop career interests in fields such as Health Sciences, Medicine, Bio-engineering, Research and Environmental Sciences.  Amazing Tutors, through their Science Tutoring Program, provides exceptional help and support for students needing assistance with their science-related subjects."   

​- Dr. S. Rai (Bachelors of Science in Human Biology, Doctor of Chiropractic)




Need Help?  Call us at 604.765.4099.  We believe in giving every student the best education possible.  That is why we provide superior tutoring programs and tutoring services in Surrey and White Rock.  Our Amazing tutors are available in person and online. Visit us in any of our seven community learning centers in North Surrey, South Surrey, Delta, Newton, Guildford, Fleetwood, Bear Creek, Green Timbers, Cloverdale and White Rock. We also provide volunteer opportunities and we are looking for community volunteers to help us organize and plan non-profit events for our community in Surrey. Our students strengthen their leadership skills by taking the lead in learning to organize events and teaching each other new development skills. Our LEAD programs include leadership, education, and development programs that are of substantial benefit to our community. Amazing Tutors develops proactive activities that deal with academic coaching, mentoring, self-esteem, relief of poverty, advancement of education, religion, charitable works and fundraising. 

We have Math Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Biology Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Business Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Chemistry Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, English Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC,  ESL Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, French Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Health/Medicines Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Humanities Tutors in Surrey and in White Rock BC, Physics Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Reading Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Science Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Socials Studies Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Homework Help Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Study Skills Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Professional Writing Service Tutors and Writing Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Provincial Preparation Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Remedial Tutoring Tutors in Surrey and White Rock and Reinforcement Tutoring Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC are eager to provide superior tutoring services and tutoring programs for elementary and high school subjects to help you succeed.


Amazing Results for all Children....    

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    Amazing Tutors Inc. 

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