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​Educational Advising Services

           Educational advisers help students with a wide range of personal issues that affects their academic performances or general well-being.  Some issues that educational advisers help students are:  Anxiety, stress, conflict resolution, depression and other mental health concerns.  We help students in crisis with short-term counselling and/or make referrals for specialized help. Our Educational advisers provide personal counselling and help students clarify their career and/or educational goals and address career management and employment issues through individual appointments or group sessions.  

Distraction-Free Learning:  How to Create a Work Space for Your Child at Home

        Millions of kids in America have trouble staying on task when they are in school; there are so many distractions and elements at play for kids of all ages, from electronics to friendships to the things that are going on at home, and any or all of those things can contribute to difficulty in focusing on school work.  Creating a space for your child to work and be creative at home can help her learn better habits, which will benefit her for years to come.

        Whether you want to make an area for homework that is out of the way of the flow of traffic in your home or just create a reading nook that will help your child with her literacy skills, there are several simple ways you can get started.  The key is to help your child stay focused, so the area of the house that holds the work space should be quiet so she can concentrate without distractions.  Keep reading to find out how to make the best work space for your child in your home.

Create Plenty of Storage

        A good workspace will be well-organized and have plenty of space for tools and materials; this way, your child will not have to stop in the middle of a project of homework to find a pencil or paper.  Shelves, bins, and drawers will give you multiple storage options and create a space to keep books so your child will have a quiet, comfy place to read. Go here for some great tips on creating the best spot for your child to learn.

Make it Comfortable

         The more comfortable the space is, the easier it will be for your child to get work done.  It is hard to focus when you are too hot or cold, have an uncomfortable chair, of do not had adequate lighting to read by.  Make sure the area your child reads and does homework in is temperature controlled and has natural or bright lighting to make reading easier.

Set Some Rules

       Distractions make it much harder to get work done, so set some rules from the get-go about who gets to use the workspace and when, as well as how to make sure everyone knows how to keep the noise level down when someone is working.  Keep electronics such as phones and MP3 players out of the area and make sure you child knows the rules about their use while working.

Get Creative

       Allowing your child to have creative time at home will help boost her mental health and keep her motivated to get studying and other school work done.  Provide her with all the tools and materials she needs -- such as crayons, markers, paper, an easel, and/or finger paints or watercolors -- and make sure there is a way to display her creations to boost her confidence.

Make it Fun

        After spending all day working at school, it can be hard for kids to get into the mindset of doing that same thing at home when they would rather be relaxing.  Making it fun will help your child stay on top of her learning, and it is all in how you present the workspace.  Talk about it in a positive way and allow your child to help decorate and add storage bins; the more she is involved, the better.

       Creating a distraction-free learning space for your child will help her focus, which will, in turn, help her keep her grades up.  With a comfy spot to read and finish homework, you child can make this school year a success.

- Susan Good (Certified Teacher and On-line Blog Writer)

A Kind Word from a BC Certified Teacher

        "As a B.C. certified teacher, I appreciate my experience working for Amazing Tutors. Their dedication to helping students is evident in their commitment to building and fostering a supportive learning environment for all students.  The staff are very friendly, helpful, encouraging and welcoming.  They also specialize in different subjects and grade levels, which allows each student to receive the support they need.  During my time with Amazing Tutors, I worked with students of varying abilities and whose skills and knowledge often fell on opposite ends of the learning spectrum.  I worked with students who excelled at Mathematics and English as well as students who struggled and faced learning challenges.  Regardless, of the student's abilities, I found Amazing Tutors learning resources to be key in helping students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills needed to improve their academic performance.  Amazing Tutors provides well-organized grade-appropriate materials that are easy to use for the students and staff.  They implement a skill-building program that specifically targets Reading, Writing and Mathematical abilities.  I felt very comfortable working with children of all ages in a variety of subjects.  It was nice to work with all types of learners as it provided me with invaluable tutoring and teaching experience."

- S. Toor (BC Certified Teacher)



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