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Amazing Tutors Introduces $250 000 to Surrey, British Columbia

  "We believe that all vulnerable families, adults, children and youth are entitled to education, protection, economic security, provision of services, health care, opportunity, and participation in community life."                     -Our Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation

                 Surrey, BC-- The North Surrey community hosts the largest number of single-parent families in BC, numbering over 6200 families. Currently one of the highest rates of child poverty exist in the Whalley, Newton and Guildford area of Surrey. A report generated from the 2016 B.C. Child Poverty Report Card claims that 23,480 children and youth live in poverty--more than anywhere else in the province. Fraser Health reports Surrey sees the highest number of children and youth with mental health issues in the whole region. In times like these, with global economic uncertainty, safety, security, and greater need for support programs, we must do more to help families make ends meet, support the most vulnerable among us, and keep our communities safe and secure.

            Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation takes the protection and care for North Surrey's vulnerable families and children very seriously. It drives our work to reduce poverty in North Surrey by helping low-income families weather the recent recession by increasing opportunities to improve economic well-being. Our introduction of Bruce Kehler, a well-known CEO of Canex Building Supplies Ltd., led to his donation of over

$250 000. These financial interventions help support vulnerable children, and improve their chances of maturing into successful citizens that can help our city thrive. This kind of support provides the first step in breaking the cycle of generational poverty. The contributions help provide additional reinforcement to the support needed for families in need.

           To strengthen these vulnerable families, we continue to find innovative ways to fight poverty, mental health issues, and other problems that put families at risk. For this project to work, Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation recognized the need for a deeply collaborative neighbourhood project.  The central principle to this end required developing an impact strategy to strengthen healthy, caring, and inclusive communities. We needed to bring together people, partners, and resources at a local level who are passionate about ensuring that children and families thrive. Together with Canex Building Supplies, we raised over $25 000 to support the Surrey Urban Mission Society's Summer Day Camp!  Bruce Kehler gave another incredible Back-to-School donation of $25 000 in the form of $250 gift cards for all the children and camp leaders. 

          SUMS Summer Day Camp provides a caring, positive, and inclusive experience for these children. Acceptance based on income and ability levels allow children to participate in the SUMS Summer Day Camp. The camp brings summer fun to the children of families who otherwise could not afford to attend such a program.  The mission's programming reaches farther than just the camp-goers, with the volunteers finding their lives enriched by the experience as well. Kehler sponsored the mission's Home Harvest fundraiser, and presented a brand new 2016 Ford Transit vehicle, equipped with a wheelchair lift, to the Surrey Urban Mission Society. Bruce blazed ahead and offered up the worthiest challenge ever. For every dollar raised, the Kehler Family Trust matched dollar for dollar up to an astounding $50 000. We feel extremely blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with Bruce Kehler, John Wolff and Jonquil Hallgate.  

          Our Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation understands that these funds will act as a catalyst for the community. We can implement neighbourhood-specific strategies tailored to the community, in order to change outcomes for vulnerable families and children living in poverty. The funds can help provide basic needs, like a warm meal. Last year, the Surrey Urban Mission Society served over 120,000 meals to people who otherwise would have gone without one. Each winter, as an Extreme Weather site, the Mission provides shelter during inclement weather for up to 60 people a night. These services would be impossible without continued support from the community.

           We can spiritually hope for a better tomorrow and collectively we can do better. Together we can all help families meet the challenges that lie ahead.  We create opportunities of a giving, caring community through the efforts we make to support these programs. We can shape the future, a future filled with hope and providence. Your generous donation helps less fortunate children become better citizens.  For more information about getting involved, volunteering or donating, please email  

A Kind Word from our Foundation

"Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us."

            We extend our congratulations to Bruce Kehler for winning the "Heroes of the Homeless Award."  Bruce was recognized for his long history of philanthropy and immediately saw where he could make a difference by helping children and vulnerable families.  He has donated more than $250 000 to helping children and vulnerable families in Surrey since June 2015.  We are forever grateful to those who choose to partner with the Amazing Tutors's Children's Foundation.  Thank you to the generous donors, countless individuals and caring families who support our foundation's work. 

         Here at our Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation, we believe the spiritual, sacred worth of all people. In order to serve our community with kindness, we continually develop resources and intelligent programs of substantial benefit to our community. We recognize the importance of serving people in caring ways. We strive to provide opportunities to create a caring, giving and inclusive community. Our Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation encourages everyone to honor the strength of diversity within their communities. Bringing together an array of diverse perspectives fosters collaboration, community, reflection and action. We cannot express our unending gratitude to those who choose to partner with the Amazing Tutors' Children's Foundation. Thank you to the generous donors, countless individuals and caring families who support our foundation's work. We are most grateful for your support in reaching the neediest of our community. We could not do it without you. 

​                               -Curtis, Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation


Music "New Hope, The Heart of Men and Shoot for the Stars" by Jason St.Thomas
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