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Education is the most powerful weapon 

which you can use to change the world!

How Does Education Promote Success in Canada?   

       Amazing Tutors believes that education is a critical factor in helping Canadians obtain work they find truly satisfying, rewarding, and fulfilling.  Our quality of life can improve dramatically when people make the most of their abilities through education.  In Canada, developing a better-educated population creates a more efficient, fulfilled, and better paid work force.

         According to Human Resources Development Canada, important work skills are being developed within schools every day.  For example, learning skills are acquired by asking questions, reading, joining clubs, and participating in extra-curricular activities.  Communication skills are developed by reading text, writing essays, and delivering oral presentations.  Time management and prioritization skills are built by doing our homework and arriving on school on time.  If a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step, then education represents the early steps on the path to ultimate success.  Here are some of the ways that education can help people achieve their ultimate success:


 Education Provides Tools for Lifelong Learning.

We learn facts in school, but much more importantly, we learn how to think both creatively and critically.  Amazing Tutors creates activities which help students connect to text and facts as well as build their creativity and critical thinking skills.  Although some of the facts we learn may not necessarily apply to the world of tomorrow, our ability to think creatively and critically will be useful in everything we do.


Education Expands our own Self-Concept.

As we rise to the challenges of education, we discover that our capacity for knowledge and personal growth is far greater than previously imagined.  Amazing Tutors teaches students how to harness the phenomenal power of their vision, realize their powerful dreams, and transform their obstacles into new opportunities through charitable works and our Youth Development Program.  As their abilities, leadership skills, and talents grow, so do their opportunities to learn and do more in class, on the job, and within the local community.

Education Increases our Possibilities.

Education improves our opportunities by increasing our available choices and personal power. In Boom, Bust and Echo 2000, David Food and Daniel Stoffman claim that jobs for Canadians without a college or university level education continue to disappear. In 1997, for example, 167 000 jobs were created for people with a high school diploma or less, while a staggering 431 000 jobs were created for post-secondary graduates.  This is a continuation of a trend that started earlier in the 1990s.  In Canada, it is easier to find a job if you are a post-secondary graduate, although you may not necessarily find work within your immediate discipline.  Many "manual" jobs now require analytic reading and writing skills.  Through shadow work, these jobs are being replaced by kiosks and self-checkout tills.  Human Resources Development Canada maintains that 50% of all jobs created in the 1990s required at least sixteen years of formal education.  Amazing Tutors will help students discover the joy of learning and increase their available choices and personal power to succeed by preparing them to pursue the education required for their ultimate dream job. 

Education Improves our Employability and Earning Potential.

Amazing Tutors, and a myriad of other companies, much prefer to hire people who have skills and experience learned from college and university level education.  Learning additional skills raises our competency so that we can fulfill the requirements of higher-level jobs.  In addition, having a diploma or a degree makes an impression on potential employers and moreover makes us more eligible for higher-salaried positions.  A post-secondary education will dramatically improve our chances of obtaining the job we ultimately desire.  The analytical, computer, interpersonal, research, and writing skills we learn while continuing our education are precisely the kinds of skills that Canadian employers increasingly demand.  Amazing Tutors is committed to helping students develop a quality career through higher education to increase their employability and future earning potential.

Education Makes Most of us Well-Rounded People.

As it widens our understanding about what is possible in the world, education increases our awareness and appreciation of areas that affect and enrich human lives, such as art, economics, music, literature, politics, and science.  Amazing Tutors encourages students to pursue higher education and self-development.  We believe that developing, discovering, empowering, engaging, and challenging students represents the core values of the Amazing Tutors' Children's Foundation.  We can all participate in a caring, giving, and supportive community when we are open-minded to the needs of others.

Education Affects Both Community Involvement and Personal Health.

Education assists in preparing students for community activism by helping them understand economic, political, and social conditions.  It increases their knowledge concerning healthy behaviours and preventive care.  Education is more than the process of merely going to school and earning a certificate, diploma, or degree.  It is the ultimate choice to improve our intellect and develop our unique set of talents and skills.  Any given program of our choice, no matter its length or its focus, is a highly valuable opportunity to set and strive for our ultimate life goals.  A dedicated goal-oriented learner will naturally benefit much more from school than a student who does not focus.  If we make the most of our time and our educational opportunities, we will realize and live to our ultimate potential.

Education Instills a Sense of Bravery and Builds Self-Confidence.

The Programs for Youth offered by Amazing Tutors' Children's Foundation instill within students a sense of bravery and resourcefulness preparing them to take action to help create a better world.  Our students strengthen their leadership capabilities by organizing events and teaching each other new developmental skills.  Our LEAD programs include leadership, education, and developmental programs that substantially benefit our community.  Amazing Tutors develops proactive events that address and foster a wide range of skills and abilities.  These include: academic coaching, mentoring, developing self-esteem, poverty relief, education advancement, religion, charitable works, and fundraising.  Students test their limits as they push themselves to overcome their obstacles and achieve new goals.  Our students identify issues of importance, and take action on them to make an impact within their community through service and fundraising projects.

Developing an Employability Skills Profile as Outlined by the Conference Board of Canada

Academic Skills

Those skills which provide the basic foundation to obtain, keep, progress on a job, and to achieve the best possible results.

Canadian employers need a person who can:


  • Listen, understand, and learn
  • Read, comprehend, and use written materials, including graphs, charts, and displays
  • Write effectively in the languages in which business is conducted
  • Understand and speak the languages in which business is conducted


  • Continue to learn throughout life


  • Access and apply specialized knowledge from various fields (e.g., art, physical sciences, skilled trades, social sciences, and technology)
  • Think critically and act logically to evaluate situations, solve problems, and make decisions
  • Understand and solve problems involving mathematics and effectively use the results
  • Use technology, instruments, tools, and information systems effectively

Personal Management Skills

​The combination of skills, attitudes and behaviours required to obtain, keep, and progress on a job to achieve the best possible results.

Canadian employers need a person who can demonstrate:


  • A positive attitude toward change
  • Recognition of and respect for people's diversity and individual differences
  • The ability to identify and suggest new ideas to get the job done --- creativity

Positive Attitudes and Behaviours

  • A positive attitude toward learning, growth, and personal health
  • Honesty, integrity, and personal ethics
  • Initiative, energy, and personal health
  • Self-esteem and confidence


  • Accountability for one's own actions taken
  • The ability to plan and manage time, money, and other resources to effectively achieve goals
  • The ability to set goals and priorities within work and personal life alike

Teamwork Skills

Those skills needed to work with others on a job and to achieve the best results

Canadian employers need a person who can:

Work with Others

  • Exercise "give and take" to achieve group results
  • Lead when appropriate, mobilizing the group for high performance
  • Plan and make decisions with others and support outcomes
  • Respect the thoughts and opinions of others in the group
  • Seek a team approach as appropriate
  • Understand and contribute to the organization's goals
  • Understand and work within the culture of the given group


A Kind Word from a BC Certified Teacher

          "As a B.C. certified teacher, I appreciate my experience working for Amazing Tutors.  Their dedication to helping students is evident in their commitment to building and fostering a supportive learning environment for all students.  The staff are very friendly, helpful, encouraging and welcoming.  They also specialize in different subjects and grade levels, which allows each student to receive the support they need.  During my time with Amazing Tutors, I worked with students of varying abilities and whose skills and knowledge often fell on opposite ends of the learning spectrum.  I worked with students who excelled at Mathematics and English as well as students who struggled and faced learning challenges.  Regardless, of the student's abilities, I found Amazing Tutors learning resources to be key in helping students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills needed to improve their academic performance.  Amazing Tutors provides well-organized grade-appropriate materials that are easy to use for the students and staff.  They implement a skill-building program that specifically targets Reading, Writing and Mathematical abilities.  I felt very comfortable working with children of all ages in a variety of subjects.  It was nice to work with all types of learners as it provided me with invaluable tutoring and teaching experience."

- S. Toor (BC Certified Teacher)


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