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Need Help?  Call us at 604.765.4099.  We believe in giving every student the best education possible.  That is why we provide superior tutoring programs and tutoring services in Surrey and White Rock.  Our Amazing tutors are available in person and online. Visit us in any of our seven community learning centers in North Surrey, South Surrey, Delta, Newton, Guildford, Fleetwood, Bear Creek, Green Timbers, Cloverdale and White Rock. We also provide volunteer opportunities and we are looking for community volunteers to help us organize and plan non-profit events for our community in Surrey. Our students strengthen their leadership skills by taking the lead in learning to organize events and teaching each other new development skills. Our LEAD programs include leadership, education, and development programs that are of substantial benefit to our community. Amazing Tutors develops proactive activities that deal with academic coaching, mentoring, self-esteem, relief of poverty, advancement of education, religion, charitable works and fundraising. 

We have Math Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Biology Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Business Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Chemistry Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, English Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC,  ESL Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, French Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Health/Medicines Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Humanities Tutors in Surrey and in White Rock BC, Physics Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Reading Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Science Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Socials Studies Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Homework Help Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Study Skills Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Professional Writing Service Tutors and Writing Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Provincial Preparation Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Remedial Tutoring Tutors in Surrey and White Rock and Reinforcement Tutoring Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC are eager to provide superior tutoring services and tutoring programs for elementary and high school subjects to help you succeed.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your company's focus?

Because the Amazing Tutors' team believes all children should have the opportunity to become all they can, we provide superior tutoring programs and services at affordable rates. Essentially, we are us because we believe in you. We are determined to provide every one of our students with the best education possible. That is why our professionals adhere to the highest standards of practice in administering our superior tutoring programs and services.  Our Amazing Code of Ethics and Our Approach to Academic Skills governs our conduct.

How long has Amazing Tutors been in business?

Amazing Tutors opened its first center in the heart of Newton in 2005, offering remedial and enrichment programs for Elementary and Secondary School students.  Today, the company has six established tutoring centers in separate districts of Surrey; as a result, it has helped over 10,000 young people from all parts of the municipality to achieve their desired academic outcomes.  

At what age can my child begin taking advantage of your company's services?

One advantage Amazing Tutors features is that we tailor our program to children and adolescents of all age categories, including Preschool, Elementary and Secondary School levels.  While we cater to a broad demographic of students, our learning materials are age and subject-specific. Our tutors patiently and supportively serve all students according to the young people's individual academic needs. 

In which subjects can my child receive extra help?

Amazing Tutors is proud to provide several University-accredited tutors and certified teachers who specialize in all subjects, including Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies and others.  With an array of professionals guiding students in a wide range of subjects, your son or daughter is assured of direct assistance in any area of his/her academic progress.  

Is Amazing Tutors an enrichment or remedial program?

Amazing Tutors is both an enrichment and a remedial program, with a focus on literacy and numeracy.  Our ultimate goal is to help students build the skills and study habits needed to improve their ongoing academic performance, while developing the knowledge required to excel in their future academic endeavors.  

​How often will my child complete Amazing Tutors' assignments?

​Your child will be provided with Amazing Tutors' assignments during every session that he/she attends at one of our centers.  Your child will be asked to complete homework assignments, which he/she will submit at the next session.  Most students complete assignments at our centers twice a week, and at home the remainder of the week.

Are you open during school closures and holidays?

We are open throughout the school year, and during all periods when school is not in session, including but not limited to Pro-D days, Winter Break, Spring Break and Summer Break.  We are not open on statutory holidays, such as Victoria Day and Christmas Day.

What is Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation?

Our fifth branch, the Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation, is a registered non-profit society.  Our primary goals are to secure tutoring access for families with financial difficulty and to provide educational scholarships for deserving students.  We also support youths and families by providing free or low-cost community events.  Lastly, we demonstrate commitment to helping individuals and other community-focused organizations by providing charitable donations.

Do B.C. Certified teachers support you?

At Amazing Tutors, we are very gratified for the depth and breadth of community support from local schools and the general Surrey community. We obtain the majority of our new students through referrals from school counselors, B.C. certified teachers and from our clients:  students and parents from whom we have gained approval.  Your child's education can't wait for another day.  Call us at 604.765.4099 to allow your child to be the best he or she can be. Our caring educational consultants will take the time you need to answer your questions, understand your goals, and tailor a schedule that meets your objectives.                                                                                                                                

How can I get more information about Amazing Tutors?

Call us at 604.765.4099 to schedule a parent orientation and a free consultation. Our consultants and translators are eager to answer all your questions regarding your child(ren)'s academic needs. Our consultants will assess the academic needs of your child, including his/her learning strengths and weaknesses.  During your visit, our staff will perform an academic assessment to determine learning style(s), and to develop an individual learning plan for him/her.  We will find him/her a perfect match with one of our skilled tutors. Our tutors will provide you with monthly progress reports to measure accomplishments and to assess where more support is needed. 

The following are signs that your child may benefit from enrolling in a remedial or enrichment tutoring program:

  • Grades begin to drop
  • The child develops low self-esteem and thinks negatively of his academic performance
  • The child loses interest in learning and resists doing school work
  • The child misbehaves in class
  • The teacher sends notes home, recommending parents assist with homework, or suggesting remedial help
  • The child is a gifted student or advanced learner and wants to be challenged with enrichment classes
  • The student is preparing for exams or university/college applications



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 Client Referral Program

Your confidence in Amazing Tutors' service is gratefully acknowledged.  We appreciate your patronage and the new clients that you refer to our company.  For each new client that you referred, you will receive a credit of $20 towards your fees when they register for tutoring.  

There is not limit to the amount of credit you can receive.  Please note: referring those in the same household as yourself does not apply in terms of this offer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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We believe in empowering students with long-term education-based skills and mentalities so they can succeed today and in the future. That is why we provide superior tutoring programs and tutoring services at affordable rates.

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