Need Help?  Call us at 604.765.4099.  We believe in giving every student the best education possible.  That is why we provide superior tutoring programs and tutoring services in Surrey and White Rock.  Our Amazing tutors are available in person and online. Visit us in any of our seven community learning centers in North Surrey, South Surrey, Delta, Newton, Guildford, Fleetwood, Bear Creek, Green Timbers, Cloverdale and White Rock. We also provide volunteer opportunities and we are looking for community volunteers to help us organize and plan non-profit events for our community in Surrey. Our students strengthen their leadership skills by taking the lead in learning to organize events and teaching each other new development skills. Our LEAD programs include leadership, education, and development programs that are of substantial benefit to our community. Amazing Tutors develops proactive activities that deal with academic coaching, mentoring, self-esteem, relief of poverty, advancement of education, religion, charitable works and fundraising. 

We have Math Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Biology Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Business Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Chemistry Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, English Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC,  ESL Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, French Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Health/Medicines Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Humanities Tutors in Surrey and in White Rock BC, Physics Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Reading Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Science Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Socials Studies Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Homework Help Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Study Skills Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Professional Writing Service Tutors and Writing Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Provincial Preparation Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Remedial Tutoring Tutors in Surrey and White Rock and Reinforcement Tutoring Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC are eager to provide superior tutoring services and tutoring programs for elementary and high school subjects to help you succeed.



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Through our diversity, we can achieve more together than we can alone! Noboby should feel left out because they are somehow "different"

Building an Engaged and Inclusive Amazing Tutors:  Our Inclusivity Policy                                                                            


              At Amazing Tutors, we recognize and value the richness of human diversity in its many forms.  We strive to ensure that our environment encourages a sense of belonging, in which all students, from all walks of life, all identities, and all types of backgrounds can participate fully in our learning activities.  This commitment to inclusion means that Amazing Tutors' culture, programming, and practices encourage self-awareness and awareness of others, room for differences, and environments in which all students feel safe, respected, supported, and inspired to reach their potential.

            Amazing Tutors offers a wide range of exercises and extracurricular activity for our students and their families. The variety of Amazing Tutors' programming and opportunities gives students equal opportunities to develop leadership skills that help them navigate their world with confidence.  We seek to increase students' awareness about their world, by promoting cross-cultural understanding and educating them on issues that will stimulate them to take action to build a caring, giving community. We believe that developing, discovering, empowering, engaging, and challenging students represents the core values of the Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation. 

            Amazing Tutors and our Foundation believe in the spiritual sacred worth of all people.  In order to serve our community with kindness, we continually develop resources and educational programs that substantially benefit our community.  Through our Amazing Tutors' Children's Foundation, we believe in creating a greater difference in our community by providing ample prospects for youth and adults to develop, discover, empower, motivate, and enhance their lives. Our programs provide quality educational, recreational, and social experiences. We recognize the importance of serving people in caring ways.  We sincerely desire to provide the opportunities of a caring, giving and inclusive community. 

              Amazing Tutors celebrates the diversity of our tutors' backgrounds, so that the students get a rich diverse understanding while participating in our tutoring programs.  Canada represents a mosaic of cultures, appearances, ages, economics and social statuses, religions, races, abilities, sexual orientations, and family compositions.  By giving our students a mosaic of tutoring experiences, they learn the value of diversity, and see the potential opportunities, growth and community that develops from a wide range of experiences.  By employing tutors with university education, including B.C. Certified Teachers, our students develop lifelong skills in understanding, respect, and diversity.  These skills can help build stronger, more caring and supportive communities.

             Amazing Tutors encourages everyone to bridge cultural and religious differences by honoring the strength of diversity in Canada. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees certain civil rights to all Canadian citizens.  These include protection from discrimination on grounds such as race, gender, national origin, color, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, or disability.  At our Amazing Tutors community-based tutoring centres, we take these rights seriously, and consider it to be our responsibility and obligation to safeguard and respect each of our student's rights.  We ensure that every student feels welcome, safe, and valued for who he or she is, and for what he or she can contribute.       

              Curtis, Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation                                                                                                                                     

A Kind Word from our Amazing Tutors' Team 

                  Amazing Tutors offers personalized tutoring programs in a wide range of elementary and high school subjects to help your child keep up and get ahead in school.  Our additional educational programs are designed to develop better study efficiency and test-taking skills.  Please do not wait for academic problems to arise when you can provide the tutoring your child needs right from the start of the school year.  Call 604.765.4099 today to find a tutor and start tomorrow.

What does the Amazing Tutors' Community-Based Tutoring Centers offer to Adults and Students who need Reinforcement Tutoring?

        Our Amazing Tutors' community-based tutoring centers exist to provide you with the resources and assistance you need to help in your studies.  Develop study and writing skills, discover provincial exam writing strategies, and receive one-to-one and small group tutoring support. Check out these programs, workshops, and other services including:

  • Academic Coaching
  • Cross-cultural Learning Support
  • Community Adult Literacy
  • ESL Help and Support
  • Exam Preparation
  • Individual Consultations
  • Learning Assessments
  • Learning Sessions
  • Online Learning Support
  • Saturday and Weekend Help
  • Trades Math Preparation
  • Transition Programs for Specific Students
  • Writing Support



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