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Update on B.C.'s New Curriculum from Education Minister Mike Bernier

 Dear Amazing Parents,

The world is changing and B.C.'s new curriculum is critical in making sure your child is connected with the skills he or she needs to succeed in this changing world.  We have just announced important updates on B.C.'s new curriculum -on how it will be implemented in grades 10-12, and on the Foundation Skills (FSA) written in grades 4 and 7.

Grade 10-12 curriculum implementation

Teachers, principals and trustees are asked for more time to work hands-on with the redesigned draft curriculum in grades 10-12 --and we agree.  The extra time means teachers can try out the draft curriculum and provide feedback before it is fully implemented in the 2018/19 school year.  The new curriculum is already fully in place in the earlier grades.  

The extra year makes sense because the graduation years are more complex than the k-9 years.  They are tied to provincial exams.  They are connected to post-secondary choices.  We are making sure that we get the Grade 10-12 redesigned curriculum right for students, ensuring their future success in post-secondary and the workforce.

When it comes to provincial exams, we have mapped out which old exams and new exams will be written and when.  The most important thing is that new and old, our standards remain high, testing remains rigorous, and combined with in-class exams we will be thoroughly testing student knowledge.  Detailed information can be found at:

Foundation Skills Assessments

Along with our new curriculum, we are enhancing our Foundation Skills Assessment that students in Grades 4 and 7 are required to write under B.C.'s School Act.  The FSA measures reading, writing and math problem-solving skills that students have gained over several years of learning and provides critical information for parents, for teachers, and for the education system.

Foundation Skills Assessment are government exams that are administered to all Grade 4, 7 and 10 students in BC.  These tests provide a snapshot of how well your children is doing at the time the test is taken.  This test is used to track academic results and how well students are learning core academic skills.  This year since many of your children are not receiving letter grades, the results may give you an indication of how well your child is performing compared to others in the district and the province.  Parents can access information about the tests at home on the Ministry of Education site at

Starting next year, students in grades 4 and 7 will complete their FSAs in the fall instead of the spring.  This means you and your child's teacher will get results earlier --and that means any necessary actions can be taken sooner.  More information on the new FSA can be found at:

Additionally, we will be giving parents like you a snapshot of the FSA results in broader school reports.  You deserve to know how your child's school is succeeding on a variety of fronts --and we will include that information to provide a complete picture.

Together with teachers, our new curriculum is making sure that your child learns the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic, while also engaging the collaboration, critical thinking and communication skills that they will need to succeed in college, university, and the workforce.

​Thank you,

Minister of Education

Education Statistics in British Columbia

University Facts and Figures

According to Stats Canada, an undergraduate degree averages $6000 per year, not including other fees and living expenses.

The 2016 federal budget now offers $3000 per year for low-income families and $1,200 for middles income families to help offset university costs.

The 2016  budget allows university graduates to make $25,000 per year before they must start paying back student loans.

BC is the second most educated province in Canada.  27.3% of British Columbians hold a degree.

Stats Canada notes that in Vancouver, adults without degrees or diplomas have an average income of $36,123.

BC-based adults with a degree, diploma or certificate have an average income of $61,040


Education Funding in B.C.

$560,900,000 was allotted for education in the provincial 2016 budget.

$566,700,000 will be set aside for education in 2017.

BC spends less money per student than almost all provinces except PEI.

Stats Canada notes the BC schools receive one thousand less per student than the national average.

Policy Alternatives discovered K-12 funding has fallen from 3.3% of GDP to 2.5% since 2001.

Private schooling in BC is projected to receive $358,000,000 in 2017 funding.


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