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Our Humble Beginning

            Beginning as private tutors, instructing religious studies and the Canadian curriculum, our original goal was to provide students with an enriched learning experience that would have a life-long impact.  We truly believe in serving every student, and our community at large, with excellence, by offering the benefits of the spirit:  compassion, faith, fortitude, generosity, gentleness, goodness, joy, kindness, love, modesty, patience, peace, piety, temperance, understanding and wisdom.  






Our Culture and Mission

               Amazing Tutors is really about making our own way.  We wish to serve our community with excellence by building our community-based satellite centers from the heart and from the ground up.  We understand that not every parent has the financial resource to access the education their child deserves.  At Amazing Tutors, however, we care about every child, rich or poor; regardless of culture, background, or religion, we include all children. That is why we assumed a caring and supportive role in providing superior tutoring programs and services at an affordable rate.  

                                             -Our Founders           



Our Unique Vision

         We feel that the greatest gift we can give our students is the key to learning the tools to help them become independent, efficient, motivated and ultimately successful through out their school and adult hoods.  No matter what, we will do everything in our power to help our students regain the belief in themselves and their abilities. Our students' success is our success and nothing takes precedence over that unique vision.  

​Karl S.

Committed Tutor

           Karl is currently studying History at SFU, planning on eventually becoming a teacher. He is passionate about education and cares strongly for his students. Karl strongly believes in the Amazing Tutors' mission and the power of changing people's lives through education.      


Gavin G.
Science Educational Development (Bachelor of Biological Sciences)

           Gavin holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology degree from UBC, and is currently sampling potential career choices before taking the required program. Delving into the tutoring field, Gavin was left enthused at the prospect of educating young minds, and is fully committed to the mission envisioned by Amazing Tutors Inc. He looks forward to assisting children in achieving academic achievement. 

Saadia S.
Bachelor of Arts in Communication           

          Saadia completed her Degree in Communication from SFU.  Saadia chose to join Amazing Tutors because she believes in making a greater difference in the lives of immigrant children.  

Katharina L.  
ESL Educational Development

Bachelor of Arts

           Katharina completed her Double Major in English Literature and Classical Studies from UBC.​ She holds a TESOL Certificate and has taught ESL in Korea. Katharina loves working with children and fosters an open and friendly environment. She is very patient and understands that each student is unique and strives to accommodate all learning styles in her teaching. Katharina chose to join the Amazing Tutors team because she believes that all students deserve to have the highest educational experiences without paying the highest prices. In the near future, Katharina is planning on earning her education degree, she is very excited to become a BC certified teacher.  



Shajee S. 
Science Educational Development (Bachelor of Civil Engineering)

           Shajee completed his Civil Engineering Degee from UBC and is currently working on his Masters in Engineering.  He has extensive experience in working with students in both group and individual settings.  His careful attention to detail allows him to decipher students' learning styles, and gear his lessons towards these styles.  Shajee is a committed instructor with the ability to accomodate students of all ages with his consistent and creative teaching strategies.  He believes strongly in the mission of Amazing Tutors Inc. and the Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation program's ability to change lives through education.        




Home: Our Amazing Team

 Our joy comes from inspiring children to succeed in school and life

Our Amazing Tutors' Team Leads with Grace, Beauty and Mercy in Leadership

          Our core values represent what we believe in, what we stand for, and how we approach everything we do.  They are important in how we treat each other, our students, donors, partners, and the community we serve.  Our values such as flexibility, innovation, integrity, passion, respect, teamwork, and trust serve as both a description of what we already share and an aspiration for what Amazing Tutors Inc. and the Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation continues to strive for. We ultimately measure our success by serving our community with excellence.


Joseph M. Krush, Ph.D.

Senior Educational Consultant 

Ontario Teacher's Certificate

Saskatchewan Professional "A" Teacher's Certificate

B.A. (University of Regina) --Mathematics

Ph.D. (Michigan State University)--Music Theory

M.Mus. (University of British Columbia) --Music Theory

B.Mus. (University of Regina), A. Mus. (Western Board of Music) A.R.C.T. (Toronto)--Piano Performance

Diploma, University of World Polonia (Rome) --Polish Studies

            Joseph is an international scholar.  He started out as a pianist and organist, then turned to Music Theory and Musicology. He specialized in Musical Acoustics and History of Music Theory. He taught music at the university level, and Mathematics and Physics at the Secondary level.  Then he moved on to working for the federal government in Program Administration.  He has published a book entitled "Dodecaphonic Tonality" (2013) and has a forthcoming book entitled "Conscious Capitalism Explained and Illustrated."

           He is also active as an inventor. In 1981-82, he co-invented (with his father) an equilateral-triangle version of Rubik's Cube. Currently, he is working on research and development of an innovative 200 wpm computer keyboard.  Joseph is completely fluent in English and Polish, and has a reading knowledge of French. Over a period of approximately 20 years, he did continual volunteer work in his Church and in the Polish community.  He continues to serve our community with excellence.  See Joseph in the Kitguru.

Marilyn C. Krush 

Educational  Consultant, Chairwoman 

Ontario Certified Teacher

Bachelor of Education

B.A. Carleton University, Ottawa

Project T.E.A.C.H. Certificate

Business Education Specialist Certificate

            Marilyn holds several degrees and certificates, and in addition,

she has had extensive years of teaching experience in the preschool, elementary, high school, and adult education areas, for all four Ottawa School Boards,Toronto RC School Board, Geraldton RC School Board, two Algonquin Business Colleges in Ottawa, plus the high school of Commerce in Ottawa. She contributes her skills to Amazing Tutors Inc. and the Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation by developing and expanding our learning programs. She also measures and reports the programs' outcomes.             

            She has taught most levels of students, and a variety of subject areas, but primarily concentrated on Business Education in high school, and grade two in elementary school, plus Special Education.  She has substituted for Department Heads of Business Education in several schools, plus has had her teaching curriculums adopted in the Catholic School Board. She has also tutored for Kumon Tutoring Services in B.C. She has a variety of other work experience, including volunteer work. She was bilingual with English and French. 

Marilyn holds the following degrees and certificates:

Project T.E.A.C.H. Certificate

First course of three for Principal's Certificate, offered by Men's Teachers's Federation,Ottawa.

Business Education Specialist Certificate

Part one of three parts for Business Specialist Teacher's qualifications, University of Toronto.  Stenographer's Certificate, Algonquin College, Ottawa.

Bachelor of Education, Type "B" Certificate (1/2 credit short) for High School Teacher's credentials with specialties in English and History, Queen's University (Kingston).

Bachelor of Education,  Elementary School Teacher's Certificate, Ottawa Teacher's College, plus Catholic Religion Teacher's Certificate.

B.A. Carleton University, Ottawa.

Professional Development offered by North York School Board, Toronto, with instructions and curriculums provided for all Elementary School grades on teaching Music in Elementary Schools.  Royal Conservatory piano lessons, grade 8.

Sean F. Romanuik, Ph.D.

Educational Consultant, Mathematics and Science

Ph.D. (Simon Fraser University) --Engineering Science

M.Sc. (University of Manitoba) --Engineering

B.Sc. (University of Manitoba) --Electrical Engineering

​            Sean earned a B.Sc. in  Electrical Engineering and a M.Sc. in Engineering from the University of Manitoba before beginning his Ph.D. at Simon Fraser University. Throughout his career as a graduate student, Sean proved himself to be an accomplished researcher helping multi-disciplinary teams develop micro/nano-electrical systems with which to manipulate fluid-suspended biological cells and probe their characteristics using electromagnetic fields for bio-medical applications.  This academic research yielded several publications, many of which were awarded accolades by respective conferences.


             During Sean's time as a graduate student, he also became an experienced teaching assistant and guest lecturer for various undergraduate level engineering courses spanning several terms.  These courses include electrical circuit design and analysis, physical semiconductor electronics and introductory quantum physics, technical writing and presentations, and computer programming for the applied sciences using MATLAB.  Many of the instructors for these courses have praised Sean for his dedication, thoroughness, and attention to detail as their teaching assistant.  This experience provides Sean with a solid basis with which to segue into academic tutoring to help students learn mathematics and science at the high school and undergraduate levels.

           Sean recently completed his Ph.D. and is now seeking a postdoctoral research position to further his career as an academic researcher in the applied sciences.  In the interim, Sean is using his experience to help high school and undergraduate level students learn mathematics and science as part of the accomplished Amazing Tutors' team. Sean ultimately hopes to become a university professor and wishes to further demonstrate his skills educating young minds in the fields of mathematics and sciences. 

Sikandar Hayat

Educational Consultant

             Sikandar holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Sikandar has also gained recognition in the community as an active volunteer. He has dedicated his time to local organizations such as the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, The LivingRoom Drop-In Activity Center and the Oakridge Seniors' Centre.  In addition to organizing various sporting events for local youth, he has served on the board of directors at a local youth center in Surrey, and as P.A.C. Chairman at the S.M.S. Currently, he is actively involved as part of the W.E. Kinwig Elementary School's P.A.C team. His background includes ten years of experience working with children, youths and various non-profit organizations. He speaks English, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu and has held this position for the last ten years. See Sikandar in the Voice e-Edition.

Nadia Deol
​Educational Consultant

Master of Arts in History (Concordia University, Montreal, QC)

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature (University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB)

          Nadia holds a Master of Arts in History. She has extensive experience in mentoring and working with high school and university students to ensure successful completion of their education training.  Additionally, she has worked with First Nations' adult learners in completing their high school requirements. Moreover, Nadia researched and provided resources to students to assist with their emotional and physical well-being. She has extensive experience in teaching and tutoring in English essay writing, Humanities and Sciences.  She has worked for the government as an ESL instructor to immigrants for the Greater Vancouver Family Services and as a trainer for the Aboriginal Affairs Canada and Northern Development. She has experience in overseeing educational planning and targeted achievement goals.

Sarah W.

Special Education Consultant

           Sarah is an experienced Special Education Assistant, who has worked for many years with Special Needs students, including those on the Autism Spectrum, ADHD, Asperger's and FAS.  She has worked for the Surrey School District and the Learning Disabilities Association and believes in the importance of differentiated instruction, and her practice has depicted this.  She has been able to meet the needs of English Language Learners, students with behavioural designations, and students with learning disabilities.  Sarah is trained in the Orton Gillingham multi-sensory method of learning to read and write.  Sarah has also worked with at-risk youth and she had pursued her love of travel and fascination with education by teaching as a Foreign Language in Hong Kong.  She is currently in her last year of her Bachelor's degree in Adult Education at the University of the Fraser Valley and is also completing her Provincial Instructor Diploma through Vancouver Community College. 

Peter R. Stevens
​Private Tutor

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC)

            Peter followed his passion for academia and philosophy into Simon Fraser University, completing a bachelors in philosophy in 2009. After completing part of a masters in philosophy, he parachuted out of this program and enrolled in Mathematics at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. He will be completing his degree in Fall 2015 as a visiting student to the University of British Columbia. Peter's extensive tutoring over the past decade has made him one of the most utilized tutors at the Kwantlen Learning Centres in both Surrey and Cloverdale. He tutors Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, and Chemistry while maintaining a large and growing body of private students, whom he regularly meets for in house tutoring. Peter's location at UBC will enable him to serve as the company's regional coordinator for Amazing Tutors in the Greater Vancouver region.

Suzanne Hayat

Student Services Coordinator

            Suzanne has been following her passion in serving our global community for two decades.  Suzanne is passionate about working with children and youths.  She utilizes her business development and non-profit experience to improve the lives of children.  She has dedicated her time to local organizations such as the Britannia Kidsafe Summer Program, Vancouver's Children's Festival, The LivingRoom Drop-In Activity Center and The Lions Home for Seniors, as well as causes further away from home, such as Chez-Nous de Mercier Est Centre Communautaire in Montreal, and Hannover's International Kindergarten in Germany. Over the last decade, she has focused her efforts on fundraising thousands of dollars for the establishment of a local youth center, while also volunteering at local Elementary Schools, such as W.E. Kinwig Elementary, and also with non-profit organizations.

Andrea L. 

Secondary Educational Development (BC Certified Teacher)

             Andrea is a BC Certified Teacher who completed her Bachelor of Education Degree (Secondary) at the University of British Columbia. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Major in History and a Minor in Classical Studies from UBC. Her love of working with youth coupled with her own inspirational high school teachers motivated her to pursue a career in Education. She has substantial experience teaching students at both the Elementary and Secondary levels.  Andrea works hard to create and foster an open, trustful and respectful learning environment in her classes to help students reach their learning goals. Andrea strives to provide her students with a holistic learning experience. Consequently, in addition to helping students improve their academic abilities, she also works to help them develop their work habits and confidence.   


Nicole K.

Elementary Educational Development (BC Certified Teacher)

              Nicole holds a Bachelor of Education Degree with an Elementary Generalist Minor as well as a Bachelor of Science degree with a Kinesiology Major. Both degrees were completed at Simon Fraser University. She is a BC Certified Teacher who has extensive experience working with elementary students and specializes at the primary (grade two) level. She has taught in Northern India and has experience working with English Language Learners and Special Needs students. As a lifelong learner, Nicole regularly participates in professional development workshops in order to improve her teachings. As a teacher she believes in inspiring and motivating each student to be their best emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. In addition to teaching, Nicole is also a competitive swim coach who works with children of all ages and even attended Defi Sportif (a multi-sport competition in Montreal) as the BC swim coach representative with four provincial para-swimmers. Nicole has a high interest and passion for healthy, active lifestyles and participates regularly in open water swimming, triathlons, and marathons. 

Monica T.
Elementary Educational Development (BC Certified Teacher)

           Monica holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a double minor in Learning and Development disabilities from Simon Fraser University.  She is a BC Certified Teacher who has been an active member and volunteer within public elementary schools.  She has had many years of experience working with students in both elementary and high school, and has extensively worked in the primary grades.  Monica believes in the importance of differentiated instruction, and her practice has depicted this.  She has been able to meet the needs of English Language Learners, students with behavioural designations, and students with learning disabilities.  Moreover, Monica has been working at Amazing Tutors for two years.  She practices lifelong learning by attending numerous professional development workshops that help her better meet the needs of students. She believes that it is important to recognize individual student interests and strengths so that they can be incorporated within the curriculum, and foster student engagement and passion.

Karveena B.

Elementary Educational Development (BC Certified Teacher)

             Karveenva is a BC Certified Teacher in the Surrey and Langley School District.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Education and Minor's in Counselling and Learning and Developmental Disabilities.  Her mission is to inspire, support, engage and motivate children and youth in a learning environment.  She is a Senior Birthday Party Leader on weekends at Sunset Community Center in Vancouver.  She has worked at Sunset Community Center for six years in various roles such as Project Manager for day camp, Special Events Coordinator, Play Gym Instructor, Fun with Math Instructor for grades 1-2 and 3-4, ESL Play and Learn classes for K-2 and Art Classes for toddlers. In addition, she loves playing ball hockey, baking, travelling, organizing events, reading and writing in her journal.  Learning has always been a passion for her.  She knew at a young age that she wanted to be a teacher and she is excited for the life-longer learning journey that awaits her.  For Karveena, it is exciting to know her dream is becoming a reality. 


Alannah S. 

Science Educational Development (BC Certified Teacher)

            Alannah holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and will be completing her teaching certificate at Simon Fraser University by this year.  From her first day as a tutor she realized the importance of Amazing Tutors' mission and how valuable the organization was to the children and the community it served.  She believes that the best way one can learn is to teach someone else.


Raymond Ip

Mathematics Educational Development (Bachelor of Science in Mathematics)

                  Raymond is a well-rounded instructor with proficiencies in higher level Mathematics. Raymond appreciates the beauty of Mathematics and earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at S.F.U. He is well-trained in deductive reasoning, analytical and critical thinking through math proofs and applications. He expresses that appreciation to his students. He has several years of private tutoring experience with youths and adults. Raymond is an enthusiastic tutor with many detail oriented teaching strategies and has extensive experience in assessing students in individual settings. He is highly proficient at instructing advanced subjects, which include Pre-calculus, Calculus, Linear Algebra and Statistics. Raymond is dedicated to showing students how and why Math processes work and inspires students to have a life-long interest in applying Mathematics.


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