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Contact Us: Programs for Aboriginal Children and Youth

  Educating all children is important to a rich and blossoming community!                                                                                                                               

Aboriginal Education Services in Surrey B.C. for a Flourishing Community

We would like to recognize that we are living and working on unceded territory and extend our thanks and gratitude to the First Peoples whose ancestral land we are on.

       Since its fruition Amazing Tutors has had one goal:  to develop the potential of all children through education and opportunity.  We understand that not every parent has the financial resources to access education their child deserves.  At amazing Tutors, however, we care about every child, rich or poor, regardless of culture, background, or religion, we include all children.  That is why we assumed a caring and supportive role in providing superior tutoring programs and services at an affordable rate. Our roster of talented tutors provide services for English, math, science, and even writing with many B.C. certified teachers crafting various levels of material for our students.  We feel extremely blessed that we are given the opportunity to work in partnership with the government.  We are grateful to be a service provider for the Ministry of Children and Family Development and work tirelessly to make sure that every student has a chance to study with us.

        With this acknowledgement, we understand that not all children come from similar backgrounds with equal opportunities.  In Surrey, B.C. alone it is estimated that 1 in 5 residents live in poverty.  Statistics show that of children living in poverty in British Columbia, visual minority, Aboriginal, and immigrant children are over-represented in numbers -- these children make up large groups of those living below the poverty line.  It is difficult to prioritize education when poverty is a factor; children who struggle at home have a harder time with school.  To alleviate this stress on B.C. families the non-profit Amazing Tutors' Children's Foundation provides relief to them through programs involving but not limited to education through tutoring.  Amazing Tutors develops proactive events that address and develop a range of skills and abilities.  These include:  academic coaching, mentoring, self-esteem, relief of poverty, advancement in education, religion, charitable works and fundraising.

        A core value of Amazing Tutors and Amazing Tutors' Children's Foundation is creating a sense of community and unity, and one step we are taking is extending our reach to the Aboriginal children and youth of Surrey, B.C.  Aboriginal art installations and halls can be found throughout Surrey contributing to our community in a stunning way representing the resilience and strength of the First Nations within the wider Surrey community.  We believe that education is another way to contribute to a strong community and hope to create an environment where Aboriginal learning and services can be provided to these children and youth.  

         The integration of Aboriginal history and culture in schools is mandatory and is a top priority in classrooms today.  It is important, then, that we provide a pathway for Aboriginal students to learn about their culture and backgrounds while also excelling in their core classes such as those listed above.  Amazing Tutors seeks to nurture a zest for learning and to give students tools for life.  Stats show that Aboriginal youth are graduating high school at higher rates than ever before.  Educating Aboriginal children and youth--all children and youth--is important to a rich and blossoming community, present and future.

        With clarity, conviction, and concern, we are voicing the needs of our Surrey community and shaping the solutions that will attempt to bridge the achievement gap.  We hope that you will work with us to give your child(ren) these benefits, beginning with improved academic standing.  Our tutors are available to expertly address the academic needs of your child(ren)'s present and future.

               - A. Longfield, Amazing Tutors' Children's Foundation

A Kind Word about the Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Center 

         The Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Center Association (FRAFCA) provides a place for indigenous people to gather, cultivate culture, and engage in community.  They benefit the health and well-being of Aboriginal people young and old and nurture a strong sense of belonging and guidance through their numerous programs.

        These programs include cultural nights for all ages, early education, support for expecting mothers and infants, children, and youth, and a youth group for indigenous teens.  The FRAFCA's attitude towards their bright youth is apparent even in the naming of their program:  "Our Future Leaders."  Recognizing this, the FRAFCA builds up an important cultural backbone allowing indigenous youth to gain a strong sense of self and a strong connection to their heritage molding leadership for the future.

     The FRAFCA are committed to creating a home for the Aboriginal community off-reserve by offering cultural events suitable for all ages.  They show their community devotion, compassion, and generosity through their outreach while striving to preserve their native languages and traditions that may otherwise be lost.  This is all with one goal in mind: to improve the lives of urban Indigenous people.  Education and employment help also plays an important role in the FRAFCA approach to uplifting the community.

    Despite the Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Center Association being a newly designated Friendship Center, they have made great strides towards preserving traditional teachings, bringing together and engaging families within the community, and bolstering their youth for their future.  The FRAFCA is deserving of recognition for their kindness, diligence, and hard work within the Aboriginal community and is a leader in mending and uplifting the lives of those who attend their events.

     The FRAFCA's work within the community is appreciated by those within it, Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike; we must recognize the importance of lifting our First Peoples and empowering them for a brighter and more unified future for all.  

        -  A. Longfield, Amazing Tutors' Children's Foundation


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