Provincial Exam Prep Package 

            Our Amazing Tutors' Provincial Exam Preparation Program is for students from grade 10-12.  For all new students, we implement it six to eight weeks prior to exams. In addition, we can help any students continuing education or simply upgrading courses in Surrey and White Rock. We are available in the summer for students deciding to take provincial examinable courses during summer school.  Call today to get the best provincial exam tutoring help.  604-765-4099

The Provincial Exam Preparation package includes:

  • B.C. Provincial Exam Practice Formats (Exam Book1 and 2, Answer Key, Detailed Scoring Guide)  Click on the hyperlink to get your provincial exams.
  • Strategies and valuable exam tips for success on the exams
  • An individual studying plan and studying tips
  • Quality instructions from our B.C. certified teachers and qualified staff
  • Rules and formulae worksheets


Programs: Provincial Exam Prep Tutoring Program

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Provincial Exam Preparation Tutoring Program 

              Amazing Tutor's Provincial Exam Prep Program is designed to help students prepare for their provincial exams. These exams are designed by professionals to test basic knowledge and skill sets that are taught throughout the school year. They are required by the government as a way of evaluating and ensuring that all of the Prescribed Learning Outcomes assigned in the British Columbia's curriculum have been taught. They need to maintain at least 80% in English 12 to remain competitive for acceptance into most post secondary institutions. If students fail to attain 80% in English 12, they are required to write an English proficiency exam known as the Language Proficiency Index or LPI exam.

Up to and including June 2017

Grade 10/11 and BC First Nations Studies (BCFNS) 12 exams will only be available who: 

  • are writing an exam for the first time having enrolled in and completed the corresponding Grade 10/11 or BCFNS 12 course by June 2016, or
  • are writing a Grade 10/11 or BCFNS 12 exam previously attempted

Grade 12 Language Arts examinations (in English, French and French Immersion), will continue to be written by all students taking these courses.

All exams will be available electronically only; with the exception of EN 12 and COM 12 that will also be available in paper format in January and June.

As of the 2017/2018 school year

  • All students who have not written one of the previous Math 10 exams will write the new Math Skills assessment.
  •  Students who have not written one of the Grade 12 Language Arts exams will write the new Literacy assessment.

              Our Provincial Exam Prep Program in Surrey and White Rock recognizes that despite teachers' and students' best efforts, there are many factors that may prevent students from performing well on their provincial exams. Learning is a gradual process which requires a certain degree of collaboration and time which varies from student to student. With so much information needing to be covered in the senior classes, teachers are often forced to cover topics at a fast pace. This often results in a wide amount of information being presented to students and they are required to learn vast amounts of information and develop skills at a quick pace. For some students, this is not enough time and they require more practice, time, and help in order to get to the level where they feel confident in their abilities and skills. Whether it is needing more help with structuring their writing or comprehending certain topics, Amazing Tutor's Provincial Exam Prep Program is designed to help students identify their weaknesses and work towards building the knowledge and skills required to succeed on their provincial exams. It is however, important to start provincial exam preparation early in order to ensure that students have enough time to identify and work on certain areas that may need to be addressed or strengthened especially with English and math. 

               Our team facilitates the Provincial Exam Prep Program at any of our six community-based tutoring centers in Surrey and White Rock. Our qualified staff includes B.C. certified teachers, degree holders, Ph.D. and Graduate students who are committed to helping students achieve their learning goals and perform well on their provincial exams. We recognize that everyone has busy schedules. All our locations are open all year round and are flexible to your needs.  At Amazing Tutors, we believe it is very important to remember that even though a teacher can help substantially, time for provincial exam preparation guarantees success.  To book a tutor anytime, call us today.  We welcome your inquiries and are eager to provide provincial tutoring help.

For more information about "Curriculum, exam changes continue to be phased in this year in 2016,"  visit


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