Need Help?  Call us at 604.765.4099.  We believe in giving every student the best education possible.  That is why we provide superior tutoring programs and tutoring services in Surrey and White Rock.  Our Amazing tutors are available in person and online. Visit us in any of our seven community learning centers in North Surrey, South Surrey, Delta, Newton, Guildford, Fleetwood, Bear Creek, Green Timbers, Cloverdale and White Rock. We also provide volunteer opportunities and we are looking for community volunteers to help us organize and plan non-profit events for our community in Surrey. Our students strengthen their leadership skills by taking the lead in learning to organize events and teaching each other new development skills. Our LEAD programs include leadership, education, and development programs that are of substantial benefit to our community. Amazing Tutors develops proactive activities that deal with academic coaching, mentoring, self-esteem, relief of poverty, advancement of education, religion, charitable works and fundraising. 

We have Math Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Biology Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Business Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Chemistry Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, English Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC,  ESL Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, French Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Health/Medicines Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Humanities Tutors in Surrey and in White Rock BC, Physics Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Reading Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Science Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Socials Studies Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Homework Help Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Study Skills Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Professional Writing Service Tutors and Writing Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Provincial Preparation Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC, Remedial Tutoring Tutors in Surrey and White Rock and Reinforcement Tutoring Tutors in Surrey and White Rock BC are eager to provide superior tutoring services and tutoring programs for elementary and high school subjects to help you succeed. Tutors near me math, tutors near me chemistry, tutors near me physics, tutors near me English.



Graciously serving the community since 2005


"At Amazing Tutors, the commitment of the directors towards the betterment of their community is evident.  They provide a caring and welcoming atmosphere for all students.  Amazing Tutors implements a skill-building program that targets Reading, Writing, and Mathematical abilities in a safe learning environment."  

-T. Azad, BC Certified Teacher

Our Amazing Tutors:

  • Complete a Criminal Record Check
  • Work with ongoing support
  • Work with accountability
  • Have appropriate educational credentials for areas they tutor
  • Are B.C. Certified Teachers and talented tutors 
  • Are matched to students based on academic qualifications, personality and teaching style                                                                                                                                         

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           Amazing Tutors maintains all relationships with staff and clientele at a professional level.  We encourage cooperative effort with you, your child, your child's teacher and Amazing Tutors staff.  Because we believe in giving every student the best education possible, our students' well-being governs our tutoring activities each and every day.

Fees Payable at Time of Registration


           All tuition fees are payable at time of registration.  Payment is required to reserve a space with a tutor.  For students under eighteen, a parent or guardian must fill the registration form and pay the tuition fee.  

          We understand what our Amazing tutoring programs, tutoring services and extensive academic and professional resources are capable of achieving.  Amazing Tutors will not make promises beyond our capabilities.  Similarly, we try not to accept any student who we believe is unlikely to benefit from our services.  Should we believe other professional services are required for a given student, we will recommend these options for your consideration.  In addition, we commit to diligently meeting all of our obligations to our students.  While we do not guarantee quick and simple solutions to their academic challenges, we will continually work towards a path of improvement that directly addresses the requirements of all of their courses of study.  Fees are agreed on in advance and are charged in accordance with an established set of industry rates.  Tutoring plans are prepaid at the start of the month for the entire month.  Amazing Tutors will not refund any pro-rated or unused portions of our tutoring services. We strive to accomplish the greatest possible improvement in the shortest time, with our program duration usually being four months.  To book an appointment or to start today, please call our educational consultant at 604-765-4099. We welcome your inquiries by email.

Charges apply on NSF Cheque 

          A fee of $20 applies to all cheques returned NSF.  Service charges are imposed on Amazing Tutors Inc. for each such occurrence and must be passed on to the cheque-issuer.

Statutory Holidays

         We are closed on all statutory holidays.  

Privacy and Confidentiality:  Collecting and Storing Personal Information

          Any personal contact and registration information provided to Amazing Tutors is collected and used in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  Amazing Tutors holds all information pertaining to our students in strict confidence.  Essentially, this means that every detail regarding your child's work, behavior, successes and difficulties is kept between you, your child and our Amazing Tutors' staff.  The same naturally applies to the child's identity, gender, nationality, religion, school, residence and contact information.  The security of all children and families is an exceedingly high priority for us, and so we regard our clients' information conscientiously.


Recordings in Tutoring Session Prohibited

          Phones and other devices make it easy to record images and audio in the tutoring session. Please respect privacy rights and copyright laws before you do so.  Taking photos, videos, or audio recordings of instructors, students, in-class activities is strictly prohibited without the prior consent of the instructor and students (in the case of adults) or parents (in the case of students below the age of consent).

Cancellations Due to Extreme Weather of Community Emergencies

        Tutoring sessions and pick-ups may be cancelled in extreme weather conditions or due to a major community emergency.  Amazing Tutors will call and inform parents and students of such changes.

​​A Kind Word from a BC Certified Teacher

          "At Amazing Tutors, we believe all children should have the ability to develop and succeed to their fullest potential.  As part of this goal, our staff members adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and educational conduct in administering our tutoring programs and tutoring services.  Amazing Tutors has incredible tutors with diverse backgrounds who bring with them a vast knowledge base in attempting to inspire each student to reach their fullest potential. I myself am a B.C. Certified teacher and was honored to work with both Delta and Surrey students, ranging from Preschool age to students to students in college.  Amazing Tutors offers services in a small group-setting.  This structure gives students an opportunity to receive help from the tutor while working in collaboration with their peers.  In addition, Amazing Tutors also provides one-on-one private tutoring services.  So no matter what your child's specific need is, rest assured it will be accommodated!"


                       - S. Samra (BC Certified Teacher)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


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