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A Kind Word from Dr. S. Rai  (B.Sc., D.C.)

         "While working towards my Bachelors Degree in Science, I was honored to work for Amazing Tutors for over four years and provide support for the needs of their students. Their teaching methods allowed students to comprehend concepts with greater ease, in turn allowing me to develop better ways of understanding my own studies. Students were able to expand their knowledge and improve their grades with the unique teaching methods of Amazing Tutors.  As a Science Major, it is important to understand how the world works, why the world works the way it does, and how we can make the world a better place; studying science is the best format to learn that.  Students of this generation need more exposure to science so that they can develop career interests in fields such as Health Sciences, Medicine, Bio-engineering, Research and Environmental Sciences.  Amazing Tutors, through their Science Tutoring Program, provides exceptional help and support for students needing assistance with their science-related subjects."   

​- Dr. S. Rai (Bachelors of Science in Human Biology, Doctor of Chiropractic)




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Programs: Science Tutoring Program

A World full of knowledge to discover!

Science Tutoring Program 


           The Amazing Tutors Science Tutoring Program provides support to students of all ages, in any of our tutoring centers in Surrey and White Rock. Students are able to explore the many fascinating branches of scientific inquiry and practice. For example, our Science Tutoring Program will introduce your child to the wonders of life systems, structures and mechanisms, matter and energy, and earth sciences.

             Amazing Tutors' Science Tutoring Program directs students in grasping the way biological structures work.  Our students will learn that the human body is made up of a number of organs that work together in different systems.  For example, they will learn about the structure and activity of the digestive, skeletal, respiratory, circulatory, and nervous systems. They will be able to identify the major organs and related parts of these systems, and examine how they function.  In addition, students will investigate the effects on their health of prevalent social and environmental factors, which will enable them to learn to make healthy choices in their daily lives.

          Our Science Tutors teach students, at both introductory and more advanced levels, about structures and mechanisms.  Our students will examine the impacts of external forces, caused by natural occurrences and human activities, on physical structures, and investigate how structures can be strengthened.  They will also explore how different types of internal and external forces act on man-made structures, in particular, such as different types of bridges.  In addition, students will discover how simple machines work together to form mechanical systems and how these systems provide daily technological advantages.  Students will also learn how protective equipment shields people during certain activities.  

           Amazing Tutors' Science Tutoring Program illustrates the balance of matter and energy. Students will explore the properties and characteristics of the three states of matter, as well as the different ways of measuring and describing matter. They will examine how heat changes the state of matter, causing either physical or chemical changes, and learn that these changes can be reversible.  Moreover, they will investigate the environmental impacts of the production, use, and disposal of different materials.   

          Our Amazing Tutors' Science Program also clarifies earth sciences.  Our students will learn about different forms of energy and how they are used in everyday life.  They will investigate the various energy sources and understand that these sources are either renewable or non-renewable.  Moreover, they will explore the transformation of energy from one form to another. They will also see the connection between energy use and impact on the environment.  Our tutors will also explain the importance of conserving energy and demonstrate innovative ways to reduce energy consumption. 



             Amazing Tutors' Science Tutoring Program also wants students to understand that the purpose of science is not only to create new technology or medication. Our Science tutors help students see that science has led human society to discoveries that have made life more observable, measurable and manageable. Through our Program, students will come to see that, without scientific bodies of knowledge, we would not be able to utilize elements such as electricity, which would mean the loss of many social benefits they no doubt take for granted:  for example, no electronic devices to entertain them; no home appliances; no cell phones to keep connected; no internet to access information; and so, no social networking to remain involved in the lives of family and friends around the world. 

           Amazing Tutors' Science Tutoring Program illustrates that, while countless innovations have been possible because of science, the discipline is itself a format that enables students to expand their minds.  Our Science Tutoring Program approaches Science as an exercise for the mind that will nourish habitual inquiry while teaching students how to fulfill their curiosity about how the physical world works, and how it developed to its present point.  Our Science tutors recognize that science is important not only because it has helped form the world that we live in today, but also because it will shape tomorrow's world. Essentially, we lead Science students in building their knowledge through scientific examination, and in refining the methods they use in this examination.

           Students in our program acquire the tools they need to understand their world and to shape a world in which they will enjoy living as adults. We employ tutors who are highly-qualified in their fields, and are capable of providing academic assistance and guidance whenever needed. Our Science students are divided into Elementary and Secondary levels. Our Elementary Science students are provided with a supplementary textbook.  We will establish for them the way their world and its organic and artificial structures work, in all of the above-mentioned scientific areas. Our Secondary students will receive assistance with all challenges of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, including individual phenomena such as cell division, electricity, rock formation, and the components of the earth's atmosphere.  In both groups, students can bring their assignments and projects from school, or simply their questions, and receive help researching and comprehending their course material. Our Science tutors establish a thorough knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of their individual students in order to cater to their specific needs.  Our Science Tutoring Program equips students with the resources to find solutions to their problems, while translating complex scientific concepts into manageable language.

A Kind Word from a Science Degree Holder

           "During my time at Amazing Tutors I have had the opportunity to apply and share many of the skills I gained during my Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in philosophy.  I enjoy the challenge of making complicated subjects accessible and seeing the difference that the extra help can make for students' comprehension.

           "My favorite part of the work is getting to know the students and having them trust me enough to approach me and ask questions.  Having been here long enough to see our students improve over the school year has also been extremely rewarding. I also appreciate working for a small company that really cares about children.  The Hayats and the supportive staff do so much for not only their students, but also the community and that is really inspiring."

- A. Smith (Bachelor of Science in Biology)