Music "New Hope, The Heart of Men and Shoot for the Stars" by Jason St.Thomas
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  • New Hope3:30
  • In the Hearts of Men3:34
  • Shoot for the Stars3:54


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News: Back-To-School News

Amazing Tutors, Canex Building Supplies Ltd. and Surrey Urban Mission Society work to accelerate urgently needed progress for children from economically challenged families 

Back-to-school success begins with Amazing Tutors and Canex Building Supplies Ltd.  Bruce Kehler Gives $25 000 for Back-to-School Supplies

        Last month, Bruce Kehler, CEO of Canex Building Supplies Ltd. of Chilliwack, helped make the back-to-school season a whole lot brighter for over 100 Surrey and Whalley students.  He announced an incredible back-to-school donation of $25 000 in the form of $250 gift cards to the Surrey Urban Mission Society Day Camp Adventures students.  These funds will help to accelerate urgently needed progress for children from economically challenged families.  

        This announcement was made at The Surrey Urban Mission Summer Camp closing ceremony, which took place at Surrey Urban Mission on August 20, 2015.  A spectacular variety show was organized by Jonquil Hallgate, which featured live music, with campers singing songs, performing skids, dances and playing the piano.  The celebration atmosphere was over the top.  The event was attended by several dignitaries, including Jinny Sims, Sue Hammell, Bruce Ralston, and Jasbir Sandhu.  The campers, camp leaders, and their parents were there to thank the organizers for a highly successful summer camp season.  In particular, they gave special thanks to Bruce Kehler, who had also sponsored the entire camp with his previous $25 000 donations.

          Some children from well-to-do families get to go to summer camp every year.  Those who come from poor families never get to go.  For many children, the new school year means new clothes and all the new school supplies that they need.  For children living below the poverty line, the reality is very different.  Financial budgets are tighter, and parents often must focus on basic needs like food and shelter.  This leaves very little extras such as new school supplies.  Children without school supplies have lower attendance rates and do poorly, which leads to higher dropout rates.  Teachers often use their own money to buy these children supplies. A report from the Surrey Poverty Coalition says there are 20 000 children and youth living in poverty--more than anywhere else in the province.

         Kehler credits his new relationship with SUMS to Sikandar Hayat, a director of Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation, who introduced him to SUMS.  Bruce believes that "sometimes a few hundred dollars stands in the way of a chance and a child, and all children should have the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential."  The Amazing Tutors Childen's Foundation greatly appreciates Bruce and Georgina Kehler's generous contributions to the summer camp and for the back-to-school gift cards.

Giving with a Heart, Mind, and Spirit --Your Handful of Spiritual Jewels 

There is no one exactly like you, my friend.

Whether it is your charitable smile, or the modesty on your face,

Everything that radiates out of you is purely and authentically yours.

Whether it is the piety in your heart, or the diligent work in your hands, 

It all belongs to you.

You own every thoughtful action and gentle feeling,

And the soft song that comes from your voice.

Whether they be for others or yourself, you own your aspiring dreams

Your inspiring hopes and difficult fears.

At any given moment, you own your mistakes, unforeseen failures,

rising successes, heart-felt triumphs

And all that surely belongs to you.

You own the jewels of being spiritually you.

You own the blue sapphire of patience, which allows you to cope with worldly difficulties.

You own the green emerald of compassion, which directs you to be sensibly close and kind to others.

You own the amethyst of kindness, which lifts your doling hand to give and help those in need.

You own the sparkling diamond of vision which guides you to make sense and order out of this world of toil.

No one can take away your spiritual free will and your own self-determination.

No one can take away your alexandrite of underlying strength.

No one can do a rather more graceful and better job of being you, 

So thank you, my friend, for being authentically you.

Thank you, my friends, for supporting and being with us.

Thank you, my friends, for providing opportunities for all children to be in a giving, caring community. 

                               ​-Alexandra, Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation

A Kind Word from Our Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation

    Bruce Kehler April 19, 1952- April 21, 2017  - Family always meant everything to Bruce.

          Many lives have been touched by the kind soul of Bruce Kehler.  To many people, he was known as the Lumber Magnate, Monumental Mentor, Charismatic Coach, White Man with a Brown Heart, Larger Than Life, Unselfish Giver, and a Paramount Patriarch. Bruce had a nickname for everyone, to define Bruce...nothing short of Inspirational.  In true Bruce style, a quick quote:  No beauty shines brighter than that of a big heart.  Thank you, Bruce, for your compassion and generosity to our community.

          Here at Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation, we believe that social change begins with instilling hope, confidence building, and leadership planning. The strength of a community is in the well-being of people who live there.  When you give your time or a donation to our Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation, you are building a stronger community, which supports our development, and keeps us connected, healthy and strong. Our foundation enables our youths to be brave, confident, and resourceful by taking action for a better world.  Essentially, we can kindly do for future generations what our parents and grandparents have done for us.  We can invest in our communities and take care of families and our children together.  We can change the odds by working and paving a brighter future for Surrey children.    


Businessman Bruce Kehler gives $25 000, for back-to-school supplies for over 100 underserved Surrey Students

For youth, educational attainment and the development of a positive identity, feelings of empowerment, leadership, teamwork, self-governance and life skills are critical to future employment readiness.  Make Amazing Tutors a part of your summer schedule, and make back-to-school time an enormous success.  Your incredible child has the ability to amaze you with how how much he or she can learn at summer  camp or at any or our Amazing Tutors' community-based tutoring centers.

  -Amazing Tutors Team


​​We welcome your inquiries. 

 While the paths are many, the way of truth is single.  Amazing Tutors believes education is a right to be afforded to anyone who seeks it and there is no greater prize other than to bring peace, evolution and fruitfulness to our community.  This is the Royal path, the Divine Path, which the founders of all religions, and truthful people, have walked on, whatever the age or ethnicity they belong to. This spiritual path reflects the beauty, grace, inclusiveness, mercy and pristine unity of mankind. Contact us for more information about our tutoring programs and youth leadership development program for your child.