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Amazing Tutors' Children's Foundation and the Surrey Interfaith Council Initiate a Celebration of Interfaith Legacy



            The Surrey Interfaith Council and the Amazing Tutors' Children's Foundation launched an inaugural Celebration of Interfaith Legacy to honour Dr. Jagessar Das on April 28, 2016 at the Surrey Business Co-op.  We celebrated the decades of interfaith work that Dr. Jagessar Das has contributed to our community and the global interfaith movement.

         David Dalley, the convenor of the Surrey Interfaith Council, surged ahead with his emcee skills and kicked off the event by capitalizing on a very strong "welcome" start. He said that prior to, and since retirement from his family practice for 42 years in North Delta/
Surrey, Dr. Das has been involved in religious activities, speaking on religion and spirituality in weekly congregations at the Guru Kabir Centre, and also lecturing in other cities.  David highlighted that Dr. Das produced an insightful 13-part series on world religions, titled "Religious Horizons," for Rogers TV. This series explores the beliefs of twelve different world religions:  
The Baha'i Faith, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, the Kabir Path, Sikhism, Taoism, Unitarianism and Zoroastrianism.

         Connie Waterman, a member of the Surrey Interfaith Council, presented the Interfaith Legacy Award, and generously lavished Dr. Das with praises and reminded all of us to "Let truth enlighten our life, and behold the Supreme Spirit in you. Grab hold of the silken thread of realization, and climb to the Eternal Abode."  Dr. Das was surprisingly shocked when he realized that she had done her extensive research on him in announcing that he had been interviewed extensively on other TV programs and had written five books on the philosophy of Kabir, and presented a paper titled "Religions as the Gateway to Peace" at a Montreal Conference named "World Religions After September 11."  In 2010, he received the Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award.  He is currently the president of Global Clergy Association of Canada, and chair, Board of Trustees of the Guru Kabir Association of Canada.

          Sikandar Hayat, the President of the B.C. Liberal Surrey-Newton Riding Association, made a surprise appearance to thank Dr. Das personally for his incredible contribution to our community.  Both Sikandar and Rayya Hayat presented a bouquet of vibrant flowers to honour Dr. Das for his outstanding interfaith contribution.  He said that "Dr. Das continues to bring a very high level of dignity, integrity, and respect to the field of interfaith work in our community."

           Roslyn Simon presented a Certificate of Recognition on behalf of Randeep Sarai, the M.P. of Surrey Centre.  Randeep personally thanked Dr. Das for his long-standing service in religious activities at the Guru Kabir Centre and in many Canadian cities.  Scott Reynolds and Acharya shared a unique story with everyone and thanked Dr. Das with the utmost respect.

            Our Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation was an active sponsor and host. We continue to forge ahead by lending our support to the Surrey Interfaith Council and we feel extremely blessed to have been given the opportunity by them to engage with the community in such an important way, and to get our students out and volunteering by hosting the inaugural Interfaith Celebration Legacy event.  We cannot express enough of our unending gratitude to those who choose to partner with the Amazing Tutors' Children's Foundation.  Thank you to the generous donors, countless individuals and caring families who support our foundation's work. We are most grateful for your support in reaching the neediest of our community.  We could not do it without your generosity.

 A Kind Word from the Amazing Tutors' Children's Foundation

​             While the paths are many, the way of truth is single. Whatever mercy our creator opens for mankind, none can withhold it. There is no greater prize other than to bring peace, evolution and fruitfulness to our community. This is the Royal path, the Divine Path, which the founders of all religions, and truthful people, have walked on, whatever the age or ethnicity they belong to. This spiritual path reflects the beauty, grace, inclusiveness, mercy and pristine unity of mankind.  We can spiritually hope for a better tomorrow and we can collectively do better to take care of our communities.


               We thank the Surrey Interfaith Counciland Dr.Jagessar Das for his long-standing contribution to our communities. Please enjoy watching the Religious Horizons Series.  This series is dedicated to all people interested in promoting religious freedom and interfaith harmony.  See Surrey Interfaith Council's web page on the Religious Horizons Series.  

  • New Hope3:30
  • In the Hearts of Men3:34
  • Shoot for the Stars3:54


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Music "New Hope, The Heart of Men and Shoot for the Stars" by Jason St.Thomas
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