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Amazing Tutors, Safeway in Newton, and the Friendship Boulevard Foundation Spring Forward to End Hunger

            March 18, 2016 -- When it comes to creating a culture of caring in Surrey, Safeway and its employees lead by example.  With their support, Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation and the Friendship Boulevard Foundation were able to pack one hundred shelter food packs with a banana, juice box, muffin, and an Easter twin-pack cake.  We then delivered these resources to Option's Hyland House, a shelter in the heart of our Newton Community.  As our Foundation offers opportunities to develop leadership skills to youth attending our programs, Safeway's leadership and contributions are an excellent example of people working together.

           Amazing Tutors' Youth Leadership Development Program encourages youth of high school age to become actively involved in positive activities and outreach throughout the Surrey community.  Amazing Tutors aspires to build an international youth community committed to discovering who they are and the power to make changes that they can implement.  Our Youth Leadership Development Program fosters the desire and capacity to affect positive change both in their communities and own lives.  

           The Youth Leadership Development Program is meeting the needs of youth by developing leadership skills.  The Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation focuses on charitable works, community service activities, education, fundraising, and organized sports. The importance of leadership is emphasized through education and teamwork. The Youth Leadership Development Program builds and instills confidence, cooperation, discipline, hope, and self-esteem.

             Many thanks to Canada Safeway for their long-standing dedication, excellence in customer service, and generosity to our community. We feel extremely blessed to have been given the opportunity by Safeway, Friendship Boulevard, and Option's Hyland House to engage with the community in such an important way, and to have youth in the community volunteering.  At Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation, we believe that providing our students with positive and community based volunteer activities is an essential part of their development growing into responsible and capable citizens.

           We look forward to partnering together in the future. Together we create a world of caring and consideration in our community.  


             -Jonquil, Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation.  Email:

A Kind Word from Amazing Tutors

        "Thank you for receiving us with kindness.  The trip allowed students to see first hand the impact of charitable works, and gave us the opportunity to speak with professional staff and social workers to share good practice on managing and working with people who are economically challenged and are without housing.  The program has taught students to listen and to understand the issues of other people.  Students are looking forward to sharing what they have learnt during the Community Outreach workshops with their peers at the Youth Hub.  Our Youth Hub provides a diverse staff team, central location and our community-based center is open to a wide range of age groups which helps give a good foundation to work with a real mix of young people."    

                                                          - Amazing Tutors' Youth Group

​​Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation's Youth Leadership Development Program


​​            Here at Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation, we are very gratified for the depth and breadth of community support.  Through our Youth Leadership Development Program, we have delivered over one thousand shelter food packs to various shelters and charities in Surrey and Vancouver.  At Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation, our Youth Leadership Development Program facilitates personal growth and leadership development in youths. The goal is to empower our youth to learn valuable leadership and life skills through a variety of diverse, spiritual experiences, peer engagement and active community involvement. Students can earn school service credits.  We focus on charitable works, community service activities, education, fundraising and organized sports.  The importance of leadership through education, teamwork, along with building and instilling confidence, cooperation, discipline, hope, and self-esteem will be taught through the leadership program.

                Our Youth Leadership Development Program challenges youths to take on a leadership role both in life and in their caring community.  We integrate participants into our organization's decision making body and volunteer programs.  Additionally, we strive to offer youth the skills and competitive edge required for personal, relational and successful community growth.  Through our Youth Leadership Development Program, our students and participants use hands-on learning to develop youth-to-adult and peer-to-peer relationships based on compassion, engagement and social awareness.  We offer skills training workshops in the following areas:  communication, community, co-operation, environmental sustainability, global awareness, leadership, and self-awareness.  For more information about our tutoring and volunteering programs, please contact us today. We welcome your inquiries.



Our Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation is where students and youth find volunteering opportunities to participate in a giving and caring community.  Our goal is to provide that unique volunteering opportunity in Surrey,B.C. through our Youth Leadership Development Program.  We strive to provide ample opportunities for our students to gain the abilities, confidence, knowledge, motivation and skills to make appropriate decisions.  We truly believe that all children have the potential to become all they can.

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