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Amazing Volunteers and Students work forward to Provide Support to Parkway Shelter in Surrey, B.C.

          July 25, 2017 -- When it comes to creating a culture of caring in Surrey, Fraser Health and Lookout Emergency Aid Society lead by example.  With Lookout's support, Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation was able to set up a community garden in their Parkway Shelter's courtyard.  Parkway Shelter is a low-barrier, shelter for homeless adults and operates in conjunction with The Front Room, a 24 hour drop-in resource center.  It is operated in partnership with and funded by BC Housing.  Drug use is rampant in the heart of the 135 strip and overdose deaths between the age of 19-39 form the largest group.  This indicates that overdose is a growing concern, and, awareness, precautions, programs and funds are needed to treat or prevent it.  

          The Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation developed a summer beautification and woodworking program which focuses on building confidence and community while developing greater connection with nature.  We donated patio furniture, supplies to create container gardening and installed a Hempster Bay gazebo to protect our local residents and marginalized youth from the heat and rain.  We were fortunate to receive pallet and recycled wood from Fraser Valley Equipment Ltd., Home Depot and local neighbors in Newton.  Potters contributed some plants and vegetables.  We provided all the materials and power tools to build, paint, and stain West Coast rustic, outdoor furniture. Working together, we launched a ground breaking community garden and a unique "Do-it-together woodworking program" featuring recycled, repurposed, thrifted and upcycled supplies and items. This program used various economic sustainable strategies for employing existing resources optimally so that a responsible and beneficial balance can be achieved over the longer term. In addition, we offered the opportunity for Lookout clients to build skills and valuable experience that can be used for resumes when re-entering the workforce.  For vulnerable population served by Lookout, many of the same challenges that cause homelessness (physical, or mental illnesses, substance use, disabilities) reap havoc on a person's self esteem and their ability to even imagine stability in their lives such as maintaining a job.  Our project offered an excellent opportunity for individuals to spend their time productively.  At the same time they begin to believe in themselves and take pride in their abilities.  As our Foundation offers opportunities to develop leadership skills to youth attending our programs, Lookout Emergency Aid's leadership and contributions are an excellent example of people working together.  

        Many thanks to Lookout Emergency Aid Society for their long-standing dedication, excellence in customer service, and generosity to our community. We feel extremely blessed to have been given the opportunity by Lookout to engage with the community in such an important way, and to have youth in the community volunteering.  At Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation, we believe that providing our students with positive and community based volunteer activities is an essential part of their development growing into responsible and capable citizens. 

           Through the prism of God's perfection, he casts a rainbow of grace, mercy and justice; and our souls are colored with the perfect faith he created for us.  We look forward to partnering together in the future. Together we create a world of caring and consideration in our community.  

Amazing Tutors' Youth Leadership Development Program

​             Amazing Tutors' Youth Leadership Development Program encourages marginalized youth to become actively involved in positive activities and outreach throughout the Surrey community.  The Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation aspires to build an international youth community committed to discovering who they are and the power to make changes they can implement. Our Youth Leadership Development Program fosters the desire and capacity to affect positive change both in their communities and own lives.  The Youth Leadership Development Program is meeting the needs of youth by developing leadership skills.  The Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation focuses on charitable works, community service activities, education, fundraising, and organized sports.  The importance of leadership is emphasized through education and teamwork. The Youth Leadership Program builds and instills confidence, cooperation, discipline, hope, and self-esteem.

A Kind Word from Lookout Emergency Aid Society

To Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation

          "Thank you for the beautification of our shelter and for your donations of winter shelter food packages. Our vision is to help transform the lives of people with few, if any, housing options, and to go beyond traditional solutions to homelessness by fostering change, providing innovative services and building collaborative partnerships."

                Linda Fox, Surrey Program Manager of Lookout Emergency Aid Society

A Special Thanks to Home Depot

            The Amazing Tutors' Children's Foundation would like thank the Home Depot Canada Foundation's "Orange Door Project" for donating $40 000 to Crawford Manor, Lookout's young adult stabilization and transitional living home in Surrey, B.C.  This transition home serves male youth aged 19-24 who have current or recent mild to moderate substance use issues.  This facility offers a program where residents learn to build coping skills necessary for employment and housing success, reducing the risk of homelessness. Home Depot's generous funding for this project will create a safe outdoor space for group activities that include:  peer mentoring and counselling sessions, development of employable skills, family unification and social networking for secondary spaces for clinicians to provide non-tradition programming (yoga, gardening, group barbeques, sports and leisure activities).  The Home Depot Canada Foundation is committed to putting an end to youth homelessness in Canada.  On any given night, more than 6,000 young people are without a place to call home, making youth homelessness one of the most urgent social issues facing Canadians today.  Through The Orange Door Project initiative, their Foundation has pledged $20 million by 2018 to support renovation and repair projects and programs that provide vulnerable youth with access to safe, stable housing and support services.  

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Surrey's Approach to Drug Addiction

          Like other major cities, Surrey has drug use and abuse problems.  Overdose deaths are the second highest in the province. The effects are visible in a community rich in history and human diversity.  Drug addiction, poverty, and social breakdown are very difficult problems.  It is easy to merely contain or conceal them, rather than face the issue.  The city is committed to making a real difference in the lives of marginalized and at-risk youth and families.  To help local residents who are struggling with the social, health, and criminal problems caused by the drug trade, the City of Surrey has adopted strategies that have been proven effective in many large cities throughout North America and Europe.

Four Pillars Drug Strategy

          The four pillars approach to drug addiction was first implemented in Europe in the 1990's, and is based on four principals:  Harm reduction, prevention, treatment and enforcement.  Successfully used in Geneva, Zurich, Frankfurt, and Sydney, the four pillars approach has resulted in a dramatic reduction in the number of drug users consuming drugs on the street.  The research reveals a significant drop in overdose deaths and reduction in the infection rates for HIV and Hepatitis.


Safe Injection Site (Insite)

             To reduce the harm caused by drug use, Surrey provides a supervised injection site and needle exchange program.  Fraser Health and Lookout Emergency Aid Society in Surrey provide a supervised injection site, which offers a solution to the negative health effects and public disorder caused by the open drug scene.  Supervised injection sites are safe, health-focused places where people can inject drugs under the care of medical professionals to prevent an overdose.  A supervised injection site can help our community begin a new healing process.  The benefits to offering supervised injection sites include:  a reduction in the number of overdose deaths, provides a safe, clean, and secure place for users to inject while reducing the visibility of drug consumption on the street.  Insite provides an opportunity for multiple contacts with health care staff, social workers, and other individuals who can help users move toward healthier choices, such as drug treatment programs, primary health care, and other vital social services.  Insite reduces Hiv and Hepatitis C transmission, and ensures that injecting equipment remains inside and is not discarded in the community.  It reduces risks to the community as the open consumption of drugs can be more easily discouraged.

Needle Exchange Programs

          Fraser Health offers needle exchange services where people can dispose of used needles in a safe and legal way.  They also provide clean needles, sterile water, alcohol wipes and health information to encourage safer injecting practices.  The goals of the needle exchange services are to reduce the spread of HIV, Hepatitis C, and other diseases.  This program will help reduce the number of discarded needles in public and the incidence of needle-stick injuries.   

          We offer many thanks to Fraser Health Authority and Lookout Emergency Aid Society for their long-standing dedication, excellence and generosity to our community. We feel extremely blessed to have been given the opportunity by Lookout to engage with the community in such an important way, and to have youth in the community volunteering.  At Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation, we believe in providing our students with positive and community based volunteer activities.  Through these actions, we provide an essential part of their development growing into responsible and capable citizens.  We look forward to our partnership for building the future. Together we create a world of caring and consideration in our community.  


Amazing Community Outreach Program

          Amazing Tutor's Children's Foundation is a place of caring, diverse connections and youth transformation.  Our Programs for Youth instill in students a sense of bravery and resourcefulness by taking action for a better world.  Our students strengthen their leadership  capabilities by organizing events and teaching each other new development skills.  Our LEAD programs include leadership, education, and development programs that substantially benefit our community.  Amazing Tutors develops proactive events that address and develop a range of skills and abilities.  These include:  academic coaching, mentoring, self-esteem, relief of poverty, advancement in education, religion, charitable works and fundraising. Students test their limits as they push themselves to overcome obstacles and achieve new goals.  Our students identify issues of importance, and take action on them to make an impact on their community through service and fundraising projects.  

           The Amazing Tutors' team helps our students and young people build confidence, increase self-esteem, and discover their spiritual potential.  When they need friendship, feel loneliness and vulnerability, or need somewhere fun and safe to connect to, we are here to speak with them, help them develop life skills, support their growth as a person, and discover their unique potential.  We do this through our youth leadership development program and Amazing Tutors' community-based drop-in centers.  We collaborate with other youth groups, and charitable organizations accessible throughout Surrey.  Our aim is to make genuine connections with our students and support them with the help they need by providing emotional, physical, mental, social and spiritual support.

           Our community-based youth leadership development programs are engaging, inclusive, relevant, enjoyable, and most important --responsive to the spiritual need of youth within our local communities. We include charitable works, counselling, food programs, fundraising, peace building, mentoring, social justice initiatives and much more. We are very gratified for the depth and breadth of community support and appreciate the benefits of partnering with local schools, community groups, and working directly with families.  At Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation, we are deeply committed and caring.  Guided by values of compassion, kindness, integrity, mercy and servitude, we have an extraordinary ability to connect with youth and help them reach their full potential.  We passionately believe in the potential of each young person with whom we interact, and and are dedicated to providing opportunities for them to be part of a caring, giving and supportive community.  There is something for everybody at our Amazing Tutors' Children's foundation, and we can do this for our children.

Amazing Youth Resources


For more informative resources, please see the following sites:

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Press the Educational Planner link to find out which program, school or path is right for you.


Click on this Industry Training Authority link to discover opportunities for youth apprenticeship.



A Kind Word from Amazing Tutors

"Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for believers in speech, in life, in love, and in purity."  -Timothy


   Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation believes in engaging in Programs for Youth that build character, increase self-esteem and, develop life skills.  Social development plans provide both children and teens with positive peer interactions, opportunities to develop problem-solving skills and positive adult support.  In turn, these help reduce the risk factors associated with juvenile offenders.  In addition, Amazing Tutors provides access to organized sports which serve throughout the world as a dynamic mechanism to engage youth of all races, genders, and classes.  Though not the complete solution to stopping negative behaviors, organized sports and development programs can contribute to their reduction by giving young people a positive identity, feelings of empowerment and by helping youth acquire leadership, teamwork, and self-governance skills under adult supervision.



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