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A Kind Word from the Amazing Tutors' Children's Foundation

                Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation believes in engaging in Programs for Youth that build character, increase self-esteem and, develop life skills.  Social development plans provide both children and teens with positive peer interactions, opportunities to develop problem-solving skills and positive adult support.  In turn, these help reduce the risk factors associated with juvenile offenders.  In addition, Amazing Tutors provides access to organized sports which serve throughout the world as a dynamic mechanism to engage youth of all races, genders, and classes.  Though not the complete solution to stopping negative behaviors, organized sports and development programs can contribute to their reduction by giving young people a positive identity, feelings of empowerment and by helping youth acquire leadership, teamwork, and self-governance skills under adult supervision.​  




Foundation Projects: Youth RCMP Diversity Video Project

The digital revolution continues to advance the way information is shared and used

Amazing Tutors and Community Partners participate in Diversity Training Video Project

          At Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation, we designed our Community Outreach Program to create volunteer opportunities and environments that foster our students' ability to participate in a caring and giving community.  Building stronger connections to community and family, forging bonds of trust, and teaching self-improvement and accountability are the principles we impart in our programs designed to provide leadership training. We encourage our students to reflect on their interactions, to help them understand the value of compassion, empathy, caring, and to use their new awareness to help in the communities they live in.  

           The Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation believes that technology, especially video and new software, is revolutionizing the way knowledge is shared and used. The Surrey RCMP Diversity Unit approached our educational consultant for knowledge and expertise in creating a diversity training video to train front line officers on how to approach the South Asians and develop meaningful and inclusive policies.  For new hires to hit the ground running, supervisors need to effectively communicate large amounts of information.  Video training offers the ability to communicate organizational values and share up-to-date knowledge so that front line officers reach productivity at a faster speed.  Likewise, an on-demand video training library can help elevate new officers confidence by giving them instant access to refresh and deepen their learning of sensitive diversity issues.  

          Many thanks to Surrey RCMP Diversity Section for their long-standing dedication, excellence in customer service, and generosity to our community. We feel extremely blessed to have been given the opportunity by the Surrey RCMP to engage with the community in such an important way and to have our educational consultant and youth in the community volunteering.  At Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation, we all care about each other and the community where we live. We believe that providing our students with positive and community based volunteer activities is an essential part of their development growing into responsible and capable citizens. 

A Kind Word from the Surrey RCMP Diversity Section

To Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation,

             "On behalf of the Surrey RCMP, we would like to thank you for participating in our Diversity Video Project.  Your knowledge and expertise will help educate our police officers on the diverse community they provide service to. Our goal is to target front line police officers so they are equipped with the knowledge and tools when responding to calls, in this case specifically, from our South Asian community.

            Surrey RCMP is committed to ensuring safe homes and safe communities for all those who live and work here.  Working in cooperation with community partners, like yourself, will help us reach that goal and we truly appreciate you taking your time to assist us in our training videos."

-Sincerely, Surrey RCMP Diversity Section

RCMP Diversity Unit

             The Surrey RCMP embraces the values of diversity and recognizes the importance of working with diverse communities to promote public safety.  The goal of the Surrey RCMP is to have a workforce that is reflective of the city they serve. The Surrey RCMP Diversity Unit is composed of a Diversity and Community Engagement Sergeant and Constable, a First Nations Policing Constable and two municipal employee Diversity Coordinators.  The unit's mandate is to enhance Surrey Detachment's ability to connect with the City of Surrey's diverse communities.  The Diversity Unit also works with community partners to enhance the Surrey community and promote diversity.  The Surrey RCMP is part of the following committees:

BC Law Enforcement Diversity Network (BCLEDN)

Inter-municipal Diversity Committee

Surrey/North Delta Intercultural Council (SIDC)

Surrey Local Immigration Partnership (LIP)

City of Surrey Diversity Advisory Committee

Projects and initiatives undertaken by this unit include the following:

  • Participation in cultural community events
  • Outreach to the City of Surrey's cultural centers and places of worship
  • Coordination of detachment tours and safety workshops for newcomers
  • Facilitation of diversity workshops and educational sessions for employees
  • Translation of public safety materials into multiple languages 
  • Working together to build relationships with Surrey's First Nations communities through projects such as the Pulling Together Canoe Journey
  • Hosting neighborhood safety meetings that are facilitated in specific languages such as Arabic, Mandarin Chinese and Somali to meet with, and engage Surrey's diverse communities
  • Collaboration with the Surrey School District Safe Schools to implement the Next 100 Years youth peer mentorship program to support elementary school students in cultural identity building

Amazing Tutors Community Outreach Program

         Youth from a variety of backgrounds can become involved in crime and gangs for many reasons and it is often a combination of these factors that lead to vulnerability.  The following points highlight the main reasons youth in BC and Surrey are vulnerable to joining a gang.

  • Trauma or domestic abuse
  • Substance use
  • Lack of parental involvement
  • Peers or family involved in crime
  • Lack of positive friendships
  • No positive adult role models
  • Cultural identity issues
  • Poverty
  • Mental health and behavior issues
  • Perceived glamour, status and desire for money
  • Lack of fear of consequences or enforcement
  • Neighborhood influences
  • They owe the gang money and are threatened with violence if they do not repay the debt

         The Community Outreach Program in our Youth Zone is facilitated by our Youth Group team with the goal of supporting those in a positive youth and community leadership role to develop the life skills and confidence to identify and safeguard people who may be at risk of juvenile delinquency. This workshop is designed to help reduce the risk factors associated with juvenile offenders. We support the development of our students' emotional intelligence and we teach skills that strengthen students' ability to learn, have empathy, manage emotions, and solve problems.  We base the skills and concepts taught on research that connects the development of social-emotional competence and self-regulation skills to success in school and life. 

         Here at Amazing Tutors Children's Foundation, the Community Outreach workshops fosters a caring, learning and safe environment where discussions are openly encouraged. Students and participants learn how to communicate effectively with one another.  We help our students develop critical thinking skills, problem solving, simple conversation and conflict resolution skills.  We covered a range of current issues and incidents which have an effect on cohesion and multi-cultural integration.  We analyzed initiatives including event planning, fundraising, community outreach and research.  



Need Help?  Call us at 604.765.4099.  We believe in giving every student the best education possible.  That is why we provide superior tutoring programs and tutoring services in Surrey and White Rock.  Our Amazing tutors are available in person and online. Visit us in any of our seven community learning centers in North Surrey, South Surrey, Delta, Newton, Guildford, Fleetwood, Bear Creek, Green Timbers, Cloverdale and White Rock. We also provide volunteer opportunities and we are looking for community volunteers to help us organize and plan non-profit events for our community in Surrey. Our students strengthen their leadership skills by taking the lead in learning to organize events and teaching each other new development skills. Our LEAD programs include leadership, education, and development programs that are of substantial benefit to our community. Amazing Tutors develops proactive activities that deal with academic coaching, mentoring, self-esteem, relief of poverty, advancement of education, religion, charitable works and fundraising. 

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